gldno1June 16, 2013

These are somniferums and they cross pollinate and self-seed everywhere. I just love them.....until they begin to fade and then they must be pulled or they look horrible. I will harvest tons of poppy seeds first. The seed pods are much larger this year.
I got a full tablespoon from one pod! Seed companies can make tons of money from flowers like these.

In this one self seeded little bed there were the following varieties:

Did you see all the bees? One bloom had four feasting at one time. I am so happy to see them. We have been worried about the lack of bees for some time but this year them seem to have returned.

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You have some pretty colors Glenda. Love the grayish foliage of poppies too.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Very pretty Glenda. Your foliage looks good and healthy. Do you have trouble with rot. I think I need to scatter my seeds thinly. Maybe they are too close but I get lots of stem rot. I have been pulling all the singles except the grape colored ones and hope for more doubles next year. I have a beautiful red raggedy one that I hope to get seeds from.

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I do get rot and have pulled some that looked awful.

The raggedy red one sounds like very nice. You know that even if you save the seeds they may not be true...they cross pollinate freely.

The only one that I have that remains true is Lauren's Grape that is in front of the house sort of nestled among other things.

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