Yay Rain!

christie_sw_mo(Z6)June 21, 2012

Just checked the radar. Not only is it about to rain, I got the dogs put out just in time so they can do their morning thing before it sets in. Yay! We sure needed it the rain. I took a dust bath when I mowed this week. The grass hadn't grown hardly at all but the seed heads on the plantain were sticking up 10 inches above the grass so I had to mow. Last summer's drought must've been good to the plantain because it has really taken off in my yard. I used to just have a small area with it in the corner of my back yard and now it's everywhere.

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Well it keeps moving toward us but won't rain. : ( Just a few sprinkles so far. I hope it doesn't fizzle out completely.

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dirtguy50 SW MO z6a(6a)

christie, it is light rain here in Springfield and radar looks good for a couple hours of light rain. Hope it gets over your garden too. Woo Hoo!!!!

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I woke up this morning at 6 to a huge crack of thunder that shook the house and the sweet smell or rain. We have 2 1/2" so far in Joplin, and it's still raining and grumbling ..here's hoping it's coming your way, Christie! Got my fingers crossed for you!


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Not fair Sandy. We got barely over a tenth. The radar looked so promising early this morning. At least we get a day that's cloudy and cooler.
I've been moving zinnia seedlings where they came too close together. Last year I lost so many that this year, I decided to plant the seeds closer together and so of course every one of them lived. I finished spacing them out this morning but by the time I was ready to come in they were wilting. I usually do stuff like that in the evening instead of morning but it was so nice out. Hope they make it. If no bunnies show up, I'll have around 160 zinnias.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

160 zinnias Wow that will be pretty. Do you put a mist on them when you transplant or are zinnias too likely to get fungal problems. I have maybe a dozen in a tub too close. If you think I can move them, I will give it a try. I moved some melapodium the other day and it wilted badly but is alive and will make it. I got .7 inch of rain which is wonderful because I have been spending all my time watering and everything looks bad when it is dry. I pulled up violas which have been looking ratty. At the bottom of the roots it is still dry so we need more. 2.5 inches sounds like a miracle from heaven but I am not complaining about what I got.

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I've never tried misting transplants. I used the shower setting on my spray nozzle and watered them well. After I noticed they were so wilted, I stuck some leafy tree branches in the ground at an angle so it would hang over the newly transplanted seedlings and shade them, so now it looks like I planted a bunch of little trees. lol That seems to help quite a bit when planting stuff in the summer though. As the leaves wilt on the tree branches, the seedlings will gradually get more sun. I'll leave the branches there for three or four days until the seedlings have adjusted and then they'll be fine.

Accuweather and Weather.com both say our next chance for rain/storms is Sunday July 1st. I haven't watered my hostas yet this year but I think they're needing it. I've just been watering newly planted stuff.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Christie I do the same when I plant things; sometimes I pull weeds and lay those loosely over the new plants. I am tempted now that everything has been saved by the rain to plant some annual seeds but I know I will soon be worried about water. I think it would help if I planted small annuals around some asparagus so I will keep the area watered. I bought some portulaca a while back and stuck them in. I keep them watered and love them. They aren't big enough to crowd anything and I always manage to find some water for them even if I have to carry it in a bucket.

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