What are you doing this weekend?

LinPatriot(Z6 PA)April 15, 2005

Sounds like a pickup line in a bar...

I'm thrilled with the prospect of ANOTHER great gardening weekend (!) and thought it would be fun to see what you guys are planning on doing this weekend.

I am going to finish pruning (yikes! haven't finished yet), move some of my hostas, a yarrow, some mums. I'm also going to plant a new pink dogwood and edge my beds...which will, most likely, turn into edging additional beds or maybe just extentions onto existing beds.

Oh yes, and I'm trying, TRYING to resist the temptation (like Naturenut's post!) to plant some seeds...

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Sally_D(z6b PA)

Isn't this heavenly! I have pruned most of my roses and have a little planting. Mulching is done do I plan to park my butt in the chair outside and enjoy.

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I just finished spring cleaning, I am itching to get outside to do gardenwork.I have plants I got in the mail but its to get down in 20's tonight I think Ill wait.

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LinPatriot(Z6 PA)

Sally-oh yes, I forgot, I'll squeeze some relaxation in too!

Bulldinkie-Wow, the 20's? Where are you....NEPA?

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Connie K

I'm going to plant some liatrus and lillium bulbs, put up a fishing line trellis, vetical mulch by the trees, prune four bushes, stain the railing of the deck (floor done last weekend), be supportive as DH brings the deck furniture up from the basement and mounts the TV on the screened in porch, go to the township composting center and pick up some mulch and/or compost, plant some seeds, and reorganize the garage. Can't wait!

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mrsgalihad(5 CO)

Mulch, mulch, mulch. I still have half a pile of woodchips that I got from a tree service last week. That and finish putting in the twig fencing around a couple beds.

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hannah(5 south IN)

Oh Sally............since your mulching is all finished, wanna come over here and help me with mine?
LOL...it's my least favorite part of gardening. Hehehehehe!

Tomorrow, Saturday, I'll be removing plants and adding new ones around my small pond...the old coreopsis has GOT to go!

Gonna wash screens and put'm all in...yippee! FRESH AIR!!!!!! âº

Then on Sunday, gonna ride my motorcycle down to Chesapeake City with some friends for lunch.

Ain't Spring grand?!!? LOL

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I'm going to continue to put out the mulch. Move my blueberries, plant my onions and lettuce and re-do my raspberry support! Can't wait.

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I'm moving a few roses, and I had to cut back a large New Dawn climber and move it to the other side of the property. Some perennials are moved and I have to reposition some others. I'm pulling out ALL of the obedient plant, which is just getting into everything! I have to tie up all of the honeysuckle that I cut/pulled out, plant the blueberry bushes, prune some crape myrtles and rose of sharons, move out the bunny manure to the roses, put out my seedlings to harden them off, clean out the chicken coop and compost the manure, pull out English Ivy, and say a prayer that the newly moved Cherry Laurel makes it. I'm still recovering from moving the 80+lb. Cherry Laurel by myself, after digging it up from a neighbor's yard. Oh, Sunday I get to relax at a Draft Horse show in NJ :)

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I am not doing to much regarding gardening. I potted my dahlia on Friday. Today (Sunday) is going to be spent writing a paper. :\


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wolfe15136(z6 PA)

I cleaned out the pond and got the pumps started. That was an a nasty smelly all-day job. Found one dead frog and lots of snails. I never put any snails in there. Migrants, I guess.

Pruned the last of the roses too. Still lots of plants to move around and plant. I should stay out of garden centers in the spring. Dangerous places.

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What a gorgeous weekend. I loaded up my free mulch but didn't put it out yet. My new perennial bed turned rock hard so had to chop that all up after pulling out the weeds.
Moved some plants outside to the patio for some fresh air. Hoping I don't have to bring them back in.
Scrubbed the chicken coop out and scrubbed down the porch and patio. Over all big clean up weekend. Hoping to put out the mulch through the week and get my direct sowing done.
Whew I'm tired!!

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Pipersville_Carol(z6 Bucks PA)

I had a very satisfying weekend in the garden, dividing perennials (anise hyssop and yellow echinacea) and pruning. It felt so good to be digging in the dirt!

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