This ain't no saldbar!!!

hannah(5 south IN)April 13, 2005

On Monday, I hit my favorite nursery and bought over $150.00 worth of beautiful perennials...all in shades of red and pink, for my rather large, round bed which I'm turning into a Hummingbird garden.

I got up this morning, grabbed my cup of coffee and headed out onto the deck by the morning ritual when the weather cooperates.

I gaze upon my property and checked out the beds from the distance.

I'm thinking to myself, "Geez! Those new perennials look really small in that bed! Whassup wif dat?" LOL

Evidentally, our resident deer were out last night munching on this new salad bar I so kindly put in for them.

I'm so angry, I could spit!

I'm not p%*#!d at the deer...I'm PO'd at myself...for not putting up the butt-ugly fencing I'm forced to keep up all Spring/Summer to keep them out!

Got no one to blame but myself.

Good thing should all grow back.

The down-side is: I may not have blooms in time for the Hummers!

Thanks for letting me rant...âº

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gardenguy_(z6b PA)

This may help:

Leave the dead deer carcass as a warning to other deer who feel they get a free helping to your "salad bar".

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