Garden fountains?

Pipersville_Carol(z6 Bucks PA)April 21, 2009

I'm toying with the idea of installing a fountain in the garden. There's a perfect spot for one, a round bed of boxwoods and yucca surrounded by paving and centered on the front door.

Does anyone know of a good local (Eastern PA) fountain store or online vendor?

Good/bad experiences with keeping them clean and running?

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Hi Carol,
I submitted to our bird friends, a cast stone, 3 pc., heavy, bird-bath set up. It's too heavy to turn the bowl over, or remove, for the winter, so I bought a good quality electric de-icer, plugged in all winter in the outside outlet via extension cord. Otherwise you would have to wrap the whole thing in unsightly plastic, as I've seen some people do, to keep out all water, so it doesn't freeze. The freezing water will crack the cast stone, so you must commit to turning it over/removal, wrapping or keeping a de-icer in it.

The avocado/pineapple shaped top is hollow, with a hole at the top, and inside has a small gpm bubbler pump tucked inside. The wiring comes out at the bottom of the notched pedastol bottom for plugging in. I have it set for bubbling on a timer, during the daylight hours.

I have to scrub the inside of the bird bath bowl every week to 10 days, because of algae build up. I sometimes delay the cleaning by just putting in a tablespoon of bleach to the water, that keeps the algae at bay longer. When I clean it, I use a flexible plastic margarine cup to scoop out the water onto the ground, scrub with small brush, hose it, scoop out that, then re-fill.

I got the fountain/bird bath on sale at Waterloo years ago. I did not do a price search for other suppliers.

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Here's a close up, it needs fresh water ;-/, and the de-icer
I keep the electrical connection between the pump (or de-icer) tucked underneath the concrete mushroom cap.

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The best way to keep a fountain or birdbath free of algae is to place it in the shade. Because algae are photosynthetic, they enjoy sun. Photosynthetic organisms like algae synthesize their food directly from carbon dioxide using energy from sunlight. Less sunlight = less meals for algae.

Unless your garden is entirely enclosed in a glass-covered structure such as a greenhouse or solarium, some birds may come to drink at your fountain. The National Audubon Society advises to "never use additives to keep water clean or prevent freezing" in a birdbath. It also says to "change water and clean birdbath every 2-3 days to prevent mosquitoes from breeding as well as the buildup of algae."

See the "Provide Water" section on the Audubon Society website in the link below.

Mosquitoes are less of an issue with a fountain, as opposed to a birdbath with standing water.

You will probably have to clean leaves out of your fountain if it's in the shade, but this can easily be accomplished with a small net with a handle, which you can get in most pet stores.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: National Audubon Society: Provide Water

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murial(z5 PA)

Wasn't there a place on 313 North of Quakertown that sold statuary and fountains? I remember it being there, but haven't been back home for a few years. I think it was 313. Somewhere past Bubba's restaurant on the left if you go North?

It had some nice onces, but a lot of pricey ones too, as I recall. We bought a huge chimnea there a few years ago. Not for the gardens, but for the cats to sleep in. lol.

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murial(z5 PA)

I think I have the wrong route number. Does 309 sound more like the right one? Like I said, it's been a long time.

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Carol----there is a place near Oxford Vally Mall that sells lots of concrete items---

How about the place in Point Pleasant----the name has been changed and I can't remember the new name but if you go up river rd past New Hope past Dillys and keep going you can't miss it--lots of concete items and many fountains--around in the back

BTW--DH gave me a huge three tier one several years ago---Due to many surgeries the last ten years it hasn't been used and now is covered with moss---the birds still like it but it is an eyesore-----

Good luck in your search----


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After I read this over it sounded like the fountain had surgeries----LOL

It was both my DH and myself who had all the surgeries and we are not able to do as much gardening and lawn work as we used to .
Just thought I should correct this mistake----LOL


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Pipersville_Carol(z6 Bucks PA)

I LOVE that pineapple fountain. It would go well with the ersatz-Williamsburgy style of my house.

Murial, there's a place on Route 32 (north of Kintersville) that sells concrete items, could that be what you're thinking of? It's a lovely drive, I might toodle on up there one of these weekends.

And I'd forgotten about Poor Richards (now called Bucks County Trading Co) in Point Pleasant, even though it's only 2 miles from my house. Duh!

The one near Oxford Valley sounds interesting, too. I'll take my mother there the next time we're looking for something to do.

I recently heard that Fountains Of Wayne (a kitschy north Jersey retail landmark shown in a "Sopranos" episode) went out of business. Darn, that would have been a GREAT roadtrip.

I think I've got lots of fun "research" ahead of me before this purchase is made.

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murial(z5 PA)

I asked DH and he said it was definately on 309, so I just looked it up on the web. It's called Peter's and Co. Lots of stuff when I was there.

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Pipersville_Carol(z6 Bucks PA)

Interesting, I'll have to check Peter's and Co. out.

I was in Home Cheapo the other day and looked at fountains. The drainage holes from one tier to the next were tiny. Seems like they'd plug up with algae immediately.

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murial(z5 PA)

Subject came up again today. DH said there is/was a garden statuary place in Doylestown, on one of the larger corners. Kind of in a plaza on an end? Maybe it's not there anymore. He would have seen it more often that I did since he worked near there. I can't find any online so I suspect it's gone. I'm thinking the corner of 611 and 313?

So many out there and so many so heavy! We found one about 10 years ago that looks like a watering trough with metal spigot. Use it up against the wall to make it look more realistic. Our HD doesn't have any and Lowe's just has a few. Local garden center has the biggest selection but all too heavy to move.

Good luck on your search.

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Where exactly is the place near Oxford Valley Mall that sells concrete items? I live near the are but can't think of what place you mean. i need a new fountain too because the resin one I have has a crack and slow leak in it.

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Sam's Club may not be a place you would think to look for a nice fountain but I have a beautiful fountain in my garden which came from Sam's Club. Mine isn't available is a three teir, cast aluminum. But here is a link to see what is available now.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sam's Club Fountains

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Gardens, by themselves are places of relaxation. The colorful flowers in bloom and the green foliage inspire meditation and calmness for the mind. But no garden is complete without a fountain. Water, as the source of life of the garden is presented in full glory and beauty by fountains.

The sound of water not only brings tranquility by drowning out the other ambient noises like the sound of traffic, but also adds character to the garden. Every garden, big or small, has to have just the right kind of fountain.

Garden fountains can come in many sizes, kinds, and designs. Examples of garden fountains are the wall fountains and the pond fountains. The wall fountains are basin-like fountains that have low sprays and are so named because they are attached to walls. Small gardens often use wall fountains because they don�t take a lot of space. Bigger gardens, like those found within public parks have pond fountains. Some are literally as large as a pond. These are usually wired and mechanically programmed to exhibit different patterns of water sprays and are lighted to add more attraction and enhance the drama of their display.

But no matter the size of your garden, installing a fountain will always have its rewards. Not only will they add to the tranquility and beauty of the garden, they will also attract small birds to come bathe in your garden.
Fountains are enchanting, and they add life and vibrancy to any location�gardens, lobbies of hotels, restaurants and offices, and driveway loops. The flow or spray of water adds a sense of tranquility and decadence to the place. Some establishments consider their fountains their main attraction. Special occasions often call for impressive fountain displays that play of music and display lights to compliment the fantastic patterns of water shoots and sprays
Garden fountains can be made from different materials but the best are ceramic and concrete. To enhance their looks, they may be carved with sculptures and given a sandstone finish. When installing one, make sure your contractor knows everything about the fountain, from wiring to drainage, and that he uses only materials that can withstand wear and tear for the longest time. Consider also the amount of effort required to maintain the structure.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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