How to eliminate Roaches and Fleas!

ceresone(missouri ozarks)June 28, 2009

Pardon me for varying from the garden, but I just had to pass on this method:

My G.G. Daughter was visiting yesterday, she's 3 1/2, and she was telling me about this way--"you see, the bad roaches have fleas inside them, what you have to do is find good roaches , without fleas, and get a bomb at the bomb store--then a good roach will step on the lever, and kill all the bad ones!

Why are you laughing, Grandma? It's not funny (this was said soo seriously, I had to tell her I was laughing about the good roach jumping up and down on the bomb lever!

Now, to get rid of J.B's, you just have to find a good one and....

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Ah to have the enthusiasm and imagination of a child.
Why is it, an at what age do we as adults start to make every thing so complicated?
I just love it when a good plan comes along. An it sound like she has it.
I do so love the wisdom of my grandchildren. Any children for that matter.
Sounds like you have a good day with your GGdaughter.
Bonnie : )

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ceresone, I was laughing by the time you said she got on you for laughing! I love the little ones. That's an Art Linkletter moment if ever there was one.

Wonder how she would interpret Violet's method of catching some and grinding them and spraying the plants to keep the others away?

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How funny! I think she's going to be an inventor. lol
She has a creative mind for sure.

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