Garden Week Of June 11, 07

ceresone(missouri ozarks)June 11, 2007

Time to start off another week--do you realize this year is almost half over?Older you get, the faster years go.

Not much to be done in the garden today, it's raining out. We havent gotten the soakers everyone else has, but every drop is appreciated. I need to find some more to mulch with too, getting thin in spots.Hope you all have Ruth Stouts books, only way to garden, in my thoughts.

Picked and shelled about 2 quarts of peas yesterday, next year, I'm putting out a type where we can eat pods and all.

Need to tie tomatoes up again this week, beans and cukes really responding to the rain. garlic getting close to harvest time, and I have 2 more flats of cabbage about ready to set out for fall. Make sauerkraut last year for the first time in a long time--about gone. And.. I'm the only one that eats it--hubby dont care for much anymore.

Marian, mine will be 68 next month, and I will be 70-only a few days apart.

Glenda, how is your Bermuda doing? mine has came back, after 3 applications of that chemical last fall, like you said, pretty expensive.

Anyone plant corn? the meds dont let me sleep at night, so my mind is active--LOL. We used to use field corn for roasting ears, Mom just added sugar, I remember Dad growing a few rows of Country Gentleman--and we all knew that was "Mom's Corn".

And I was born in Iowa, moved to Missouri in 1940-- 60 highway was a dirt road-hard to imagine?

Well, I guess the animals are wondering where the feed is, rain or no, so heres hoping all of you I took down memory lane didnt get wet--till next time.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Ceresone, my DH was the same age as yours when he was hospitalized with pneumonia, and diagnosed with emphysema. Then 2 years later he had a ( second) heart attack, and had to have several blood vessels cleared ( his doctor called it "roto-rooter"). He stopped his contractor work, and for the first several years would follow me all over the yard as I worked. It really really bugged me! ( He has slacked off on doing that, but does still watch me every chance he gets. )
Yours is awfully young to be having memory problems. ((((Ceresone))))

I am becoming web-footed, again. We had gully washers yesterday, accompanied with marble-sized hail. Only minor damage to my plants. A little more than 2 inches of rain yesterday, 1/2 inch the day before. Our county road is washed out again. It had just been 'graded', so washed worse than it would have otherwise.

My only efforts at making sauerkraut was a disaster and I never tried it again! That was many years ago.
I am sort of envious of all who are growing vegetable gardens. I grew a large one for years. Wish I still could. There is no feeling like harvesting your own. Now I rely on the local Farmer's Market for home grown veggies.
If I lived where I didn't have to contend with deer I would grow them again.

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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

Marian, mine has cancer of the brain, and while 2 drs and family say alzheimers, his radation dr thinks it might be brain seizures--either way, his memory is going fast.
Good luck paddling water.

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We just back from St. Louis to a rain gage with 3.5 inches in it! I am sure another wet hay field...they cut it before we left.

I haven't checked anything outside yet.

I tried sauerkraut a couple of times and just gave up; it flopped both times. You would think souring something would be easy.

Was glad to see the rain for the last sweet corn I had planted...and a few other things. I raise sweet corn, but last year the raccoons got almost every single ear!

Yes, I remember my Grandpa raising field corn and that was what we ate and thought it was I want that super sweet stuff.

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Well, I finally made it outside yesterday and squished through the yard and garden. A couple more daylilies are blooming...still not my seedlings, and the corn I planted the day of the rain is already up. Looks like good germination.
Yard needs mowing, but won't be able to do that for a while because of the wet ground.

I went to the dentist with my "lost" filling and found that it was half the tooth gone; filling still there. Options, root canal and crown or extraction. I chose extraction....have to see oral surgeon this morning....not looking forward to that, but at least it will be one trip vs. three.

We plan to stop by the library before the appointment to pick up some books ... will be spending a few days just reading.

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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

Glenda, sure hope the extraction went O.K. Those arent fun. I tied my tomatoes up again this morning, have nice sized tomatoes on them, still forgot to count plants--least 80, I'm guessing.
Have nice sized cabbage heads too, one is huge, but still growing. Anyone knotice a lack of bugs this year? either having chickens just south of the garden, or- the hard freeze helped. I do have a tiny red aphid looking thing I cant identify that I'm going to have to eradicate.
I have a new bunch of herbs this year that seem to be growing marvelous, considering our shortage of rain.
We arent cat people, but due to a badly injured kitten last fall, we now have a cat, did you ever hear of a cat that comes running at 1 oclock to come inside for her nap? this one does.
Marian, have you tried any of the Liquid Fence spray on plants to deter deer? I havent, but I've been told it works.
Humidity is back up again, we have a small pool up this year--guess where I'm going to be this afternoon?
Good Gardening, and May you have the weather You want today.

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The extraction went amazingly well; painless and he had it out so fast that I didn't realize it! I am doing great....just no outdoor activity for the rest of the week. I have DH out mowing the yard now....wish me luck.

I do plan to go out when it cools down and pick more snap peas.

The rains allowed all my planting to come up almost overnight.

Looks like the Over the Top is working on the Bermuda, but can't tell yet if it has hurt the perennials. I have that darned grass everywhere now.....don't know where it comes from.

It seems a new daylily blooms each day, but still not my seedling ones...they do have buds.

Enjoy the pool ceresone.

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sweetwm007(6 b)

Ceresone- what kind of tomatoes do you plant? are they all hybrids or do you plant OP's?


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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

Willian, they are almost ALL heirlooms, thats why I have so many, had plans to isolate and save seeds, but looks as if I'll be baggingthe blooms this year. I think Parks Whopper is about the only hybred I have.--LOL--I have green---white--stripe-pink--red--gold--black...

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sweetwm007(6 b)

that is so very good. did you happen to plant black from tula? i lost about 200 tomatoes on our last very cold snap. i have aunt gertie's gold, black cherry, momotaro, ark traveler, german red strawberry and a couple big beef and sungold. glad to hear you have planted op's. if you ever need any seed, i have over 100 diff varieties that you are welcome to. i am out of cherokee purple though.


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oakleif(z6 AR)

ceresone, about 5 years ago i was diagnosed with alzheimers. I had quit driving because my distance judgement was way off and i fortgot where i was a couple times, and some other problems. I went to a neurologist in Fort Smith and had more tests done than i want to remember. After about a year i started getting better and better. The diagnosis was changed to a stroke and then i remembered when i had it. oddly enough it was in an optomatrist office during an eye exam. I kept telling the doctor that the writing kept looking like chinese writing and he finally sent me home. I've recovered almost completely except my spelling ability is the worst. I drive again and don't feel lost like i did. There are alzheimers support groups around. would that help any? I pray for all of you.

I miss the smell of tomato plants (beleive it or not) and even the sweat dripping down my face. It made a cold shower feel so-o-o good. I have a wonderful neighbor that gives me goodies from his place. Right now i've got a large head of cabbage and 2 dozen real eggs. I'm going to make slaw with half the cabbage and cook the other half with hot links.

william, we always grew Arkansas Travelers They seem to do so well up here. Don't know if i mentioned this before but we always swore by Drusba It's the first to ripen and bears till frost and tastes good.

Glenda, am so glad the tooth extraction was painless and quick.
Ive got new daylilies blooming each day too. My favorite so far is a bright red with a yellow stripe down the middle. It's a medium spider.and hurrah!! I don't have to move that one. All of my daylilies are named but lost track of nearly all the tags. I guess that makes them unnamed nameds.

my yard needs weed eating and more leaf raking. There are days when i say i'm going to cut all my hardwoods but i can't do without all my neighbor wildlife and there are'nt many tracts of hardwoods left.

Another sighting of our bear. (We're going to have to name the thing.) He showed up about halfway down the mountain. Went nose to nose with a neighbors big dog and they just smelled each other. neighbors DH told her to get a gun and hollered at the bear. The bear just looked at him and started to amble off. Neighbor came out with a 22 rifle and her DH said "I said a gun like shot gun. Well-l-l-l he did'nt say shotgun. so said bear ambled off into the woods.

No one but me wants to call the forest rangers. This is exciting and he seems so gentle and has'nt done any harm. Thats why i think we need to resettle the bear. He has no fear of humans or dogs and thats not natural with these black
bears. He is at some time going to get mad and some dog or person is going to get hurt. I'll wait awhile but just feel he has to go.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Going to therapy 3 times a week has really put a crimp in my web posting.

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