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peaceofmindJune 6, 2007

I think it is time to start a new thread on where we live and garden. The last one was great, like going down memory lane.

So who is with us now and where do you live. This is for those of you who live away from the Ozarks,too, and read the forum here for nostalgic reasons.

I'll start. I live in southeast Springfield and have gardened for the last forty years.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Thanks, Anise. I checked the Missourian's thread, but it appears to be all Missouri.

I live in the 'moumtains',( Gaither Mountain), southwest of Harrison,Arkansas. Been here 30 years, with the past 23 up here. I am formerly from Idaho. DH is a native Arkansan.
I have gardened for over 50 years.
Our acreage was undeveloped woods when we bought it. DH did all the building, I did all the gardening.
Age, ailments, and other drawbacks, have narrowed my gardening down to mostly containers, and most of them are on the back deck to keep them away from the many deer that inhabit our woods!
I still do all the mowing, weedeating, pruning, watering, etc., etc.

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I am in Paris, Ar. About 45 miles east of Ft. Smith. Been in my house for almost 9 years.

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I am in northwest Greene Co., just 20 miles or so northwest of Springfield, Mo. Been here since 1976, on this place since 1991. I have gardened for 39 years.

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oakleif(z6 AR)

I have 30 acres on a mountaintop in Northern Johnson CO. AR 8 mi North of Ozone AR. Our land is mostly hardwoods.
DH and i grew up in Mena.Lived in Virginia,Mass,Turkey than Texas. Moved here in 1990.
Am now a widow and DD lives next door. Have been gardening since a teenager. Am 67.
I am changing over to container gardening since i've health problems.
Besides gardening i enjoy reading,crafts, crocheting and quilting.

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I live in Van Buren, AR and have gardened since I was a kid. I am originally from Georgia and have been in AR for 6 years. James

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Anise - I'm glad you started this thread. There used to be one for Arkansas and it got too old and got deleted I think. It had 100 replies and they used to lock them after they had that many but don't do that anymore.
I have 10 acres a few miles west of Springfield, Missouri. We keep about 1 1/2 acres mowed for our yard and the rest is used for hay.

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I've been in Bella Vista, Ark for over 10 yrs. I really like the pics other people post and going on garden tours. This year we've started a small pond. We're trying to outsmart the critters but they're getting the upper hand!

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sweetwm007(6 b)

i live in yellville, ar. been here almost a yr to the day. yellville is SE from harrison about 28 miles and west of mountain home which is about 28 miles also. population here is around 1300. dead as a doornail!

have gardened off and on for about 38 yrs and have gardened all over the US and china.

it is so rocky here you cannot till. everything we have is in a raised bed.


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paul224(z6 NWAR)

I am in Bella Vista, AR. Have been here 5 years. I have managed to keep the critters away but gardening on a slope is a killer.

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Batesville, AR on the banks of the beautiful White River. Dad moved us here from KS when I was 8 and I'll be 68 next month. Have lived other places for periods of time but think I'll stay here for the rest of my life this time. Was raised on a farm, so I've been playing in the dirt forever.

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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

closest place to us is Willow Springs Mo. Gardened all my like that I can remember, and I'll be 70 next month. Lived on this farm over 40 years, still dont have everything like I want it. Howell Co. Mo.

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robiniaquest(z6 MO)

Barry County, MO. Lived here all my life.

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Scott County, Southeast MO.

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Hi ya'll. I live on the edge of Beaver Lake close to the dam. We've lived on this property since 92 and that's when I started gardening. After a few years and many $$$ I gave up because the deer just ate everything. My husband has a fenced tomato garden, but all my flowers are in pots on the back deck. I'll be 65 in Sept. and have Lupus and arthritis so that's enough for me now. Yesterday one of our neighbors had a bear come up on his porch. Hope it moves on.

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I live in Springfield, Mo.
New to gardening, but been around it all my life. My mother was a fuss-budget about hauling everything out to compost. I generally carried it out. Never understood what that was all about, however.
Mom had the greatest gardens in both places they lived in Springfield. She is still with us at 90!


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moving to our home we bought in sept. @ Horseshoe Bend,Ar. looking forward to growing hedge. looking the green giant aborvite for a fast good screen.

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Greetings from Summersville, Mo, 90 mi east of Springfield and midway between Rolla and West Plains. Moved here in 1982 from Ca. Haven't done too much gardening when working full time, but trying a few more things now that I've retired.

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ekoboat(z6b MO Sunset z35)

Ozark, MO. Moved here from Springfield 2 years ago. Doing the tropical thing - Bananas, palms, ginger, canna ...

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I'm from Japan, you know, close to Cuba and a holler away from Bourbon!

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Welcome everyone! Pyrgal - I didn't know we had a Japan, Missouri. I had to look that one up.

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fuzzy(6b northern AR)

I'm in Harrison-- grew up here, moved away for college & afterwards, spent four years in central Florida, and returned home to raise babies near their grandparents.

I did a lot of gardening in Florida (no rocks, basically digging in sand) and am absolutely dumbfounded by how difficult it is to dig here. Layered composting had better work well, or I'm destined to grow my gardens VERY slowly-- with a toddler and a baby on the way, hours of heavy pickaxe digging is not an option!

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pauln(z7B Arkansas)

I'm in North Little Rock, Arkansas, which technically is the Ouachita Mountains. (For you Ozarkers, the Ouachitas run from Eastern Oklahoma to Little Rock. They are younger mountains, and have a much more violent geology resulting in faulted/folded ridges that generally run east to west. The rock strata is tilted on edge and quartz is a common mineral.) I've got a modest house on a very steep large lot that was heavily quarried when the house was built 40 something years ago exposing shale bedrock and broken shale scree. In my 10 years here I've slowly been healing the scars of the quarry by building dry stack rock terraces, and filling up with compost from the city. It's slow work, but a great creative outlet in the cooler times of the year. So far, I've got mostly a native woodland garden with a waterfall/watergarden that's built into an exposed rock face. Nearby on this terrace is a fire ring, cypress swing, and extensive gardens.

My last couple of projects have been in brighter areas of the yard. I took out several small/medium winged elm trees and kept the larger oaks. It's amazing how well things grow with some sunlight and less competition from thirsty trees.

In addition to all of my natives, I'm a collector of Japanese maples. I counted 15 the other day, several of which are pretty rare. Ebay is a good source for dormant trees if you aren't in too big a hurry for large ones.

When I moved here the yard was mostly privet, wisteria, mimosa, honeysuckle, and wild cherry. As I build my beds, I'm slowly replacing the invasives with choice garden plants. The terrace building is slow, but in maybe 5 years I'll have my entire back as a huge terraced garden. At that point I may have to focus on the INSIDE of the house for a change. Or maybe not.

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Welcome to everyone I have missed before.

Pauln, you just have to post pictures of your garden. It sound so interesting. What a job you have had! I want to see those dry-stacked terraces and the native woodland and the waterfall and just all of it...sounds beautiful.

Would be nice if we would all post some pictures of our places....even though it takes me a half day to get them downloaded with dial-up.

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ben_birding(z3 AR)

I'm from North Little Rock, AR as well, but I've always thought, we're close enough, it might as well be the Ozarks, even though, as Paul said, it's the Ouachita Mts.
Most of my beds are either all native (or southwestern US plants) or butterfly garden related.
Fuzzy, I know what you mean about digging in AR... 2 inches down before *clunk* you hit a rock the size of your house. I find that I'm using a pick more often than a shovel. One thing about it though, it builds up you arms and back. I found that out when I put in 3 beds in 1 month.

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gldno, I know what you mean I have the dial up as well, takes forever!

here are a few of my plants, I need to get some full garden shots, but I have been concentrating on getting each plant catalouged first.

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Welcome to the Ozarks Forum Ben Birding. I've seen you post in other forums. I'm trying to grow plants for butterflies too so I'm interested to hear what works well for you in this area.

Micke - Your glad is so pretty! I love glads but wish they bloomed a little longer. I have a nice pink one that's been getting through the winter in the ground and I planted some new ones this year.

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micke, enjoyed the shots of your flowers. They downloaded pretty fast for me.

I noticed you have a jar of sedums.....I had one just full of gorgeous healthy plants and suddenly (after the rains had all stopped for some time) just begin dying. I finally just pulled them up and tossed them on the ground. Maybe some will survive.

Loved the color of the glad. I have had a purple one come back for me too. This year with all the rain it got about 4.5 feet tall. Lots of plants did that.

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pauln(z7B Arkansas)

Hey there Ben. Holler sometime, and we can show off our gardens. pauln8shun@aol.com. As a virtual luddite, can anybody instruct me how to upload photos onto this page? I've got a few although I'm not very proud of my garden photos. They just can't seem to capture the real image.

Right now, I'm in water mode, trying to keep everything from wilting. The summer has been fairly kind up until the last week or so. I have absolutely no soil in my garden apart from what I've brought in or composted. So, I have to water twice a week like a good little soldier. In a future life, I will plant no hydrangaes whatsoever because they are always the first to wilt. I gave up on impatients years ago. The native azaleas are second, but suprisingly, they are holding up pretty well. Japanese maples are very forgiving with lack of water, up until a point when they drop most of their leaves.

The hummingbirds must watch in anticipation for me to turn the sprinklers on, because they fly over and bathe on a sugar maple leaf. It's the cutest thing. I feel bad that I don't have more flowers blooming right now for them. They really love the beebalm, but it's just about done for the year.

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Paul - On posting photos: A lot of people including me, use Photobucket.com which is free and pretty easy to use. After you sign up there, you will click on "browse" and then find the folder where your photos are stored on your computer, "open" the picture and then click on "upload" on Photobucket.
Then all you have to do is highlight and copy the "tag" line under the photo you want to post. Just copy that line anywhere into your post and it will appear as a photo when you preview or submit it. And if I explained that very badly, search for "photobucket" on Gardenweb and you'll get many how-tos.
I'd like to see your pictures.

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I had some peach glads too, but didn't get pics of them, those glads have been in the ground 2 years now, the first year I covered them, but last year I was in a hurry trying to dig my Cannas and Elephant ears because I was afraid we was going to have a bad Winter, I never got to them and I assumed they were goners but they came up just fine. My Cannas are just now blooming and are not near as tall as they were last year, so this Winter I am just going to cover them like usual and hope for the best!
gldno,,That in the jar is actually Hens and Chicks, isn't that crazy how it is growing up tall like that? I have never seen one do like that before. If you threw those sedums on the ground I am sure they will survive I can't get rid of mine no matter how hard I try, more just pops up!
I forgot to put in my last post where I am from. We live a few miles East of Joplin MO.

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I don't know if I am technically in the Ozarks here in Adair county near Stilwell, OK, but that's what my parents always said during the thirteen years of my life that we lived in Washington and California. Born here, returned after marrying 39 years ago dragging my California born DH with me. Learned to garden with my Dad as a kid and have been gardening with DH (He does the veggies;I do the flowers) for all our time here. And I STILL have Naked Lady bulbs (Lycoris squamageri)which I would share as they desparately need to be thinned. No more than a couple hundred bloom stalks this year off plantings that a few years ago gave me over 800. I will trade for other bulbs or plants (Make me an offer) or for the postage to mail them. And thanks for the info on posting photos. I've been wondering how to do that too. I feel for those of you who have rock problems. On our 15 acres we have a rocky knoll where we live and where I built beds with a pickax and rock borders and imported dirt, which look wonderful in the spring, but wilt quickly in the summer as they are under moisture sucking trees,and which I have to water with a hose because the faucet is down the slope and I can't get enough pressure to make a soaker hose work, but also down the slope just a little ways an old cultivated field with almost no rocks and a foot of top soil that had washed off the hillside to the north over the millenia. THAT is where DH raises the veggies,on a spot which we have built up with tons of rotten sawdust, grass clippings, oak leaves and compost made with chicken manure and garden trimmings during the 24 years that we have lived at this location, mulching them heavily each summer (although the trees aren't close enough to rob THEIR water) and watering with soaker hoses. (It ain't fair!) But the veggies are incredible so what can I say.

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proudgm_03(6 MO)

Micke I must be doing something wrong. I can't seem to grow Hen and Chicks.

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I was born in Yellvilee, and Raised in Mountain Home. I spent a few years in Conway getting an education - always missed the hills while living in that swamp... Then I moved to Fayetteville for a while - can't say I missed the hills there, but still missed MY hills. Been back here in Mountain Home ever since.

My place is down in a valley, not too far from the White River. Been thinking about fixing the old tractor and farming the old hayfields... but for now I'm just playing in my 1500 sf. garden.

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I'm located in Northeast AR, on Crowley's Ridge, so technically I'm not in the Ozarks, but close. However, I did grow up in Randolph County, on the edge of the Ozarks, and I'm planning a future move (in a few years) to SW MO/NW AR, so I thought I'd join in. :)

I have a very small garden in the downtown area of Paragould, which I've managed to fill to the brim (and then some) with a wide assortment of plants, including roses, clematis, honeysuckle, eleagnus, photinia, azaleas, hydrangeas, hostas, canna, assorted perennials, viburnum, nandina, sweetspire, crape myrtle, cypress, juniper, and a lone Italian Stone Pine, as well as a single Japanese maple. Our soil isn't rocky here, fortunately, but it's definitely full of clay.

Back home in Maynard, I don't think I could've gardened to this extent because of all of the rocks! They would make lovely edging, though, so I look forward to making the move and digging in.

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I meant to upload a pic of part of the backyard gardens, showing the main rose bed and the shade garden.

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Welcome Grnthumber! Glad you're joining in. Your garden looks nice. What a difference edging makes. That's what I need to do.

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Glad you joined us. I thought I posted this yesterday, but guess I failed to "submit".

You have a great collection of plants.

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Thanks! It helps when you have tons of bricks lying around...I decided to use them just to get them out of the way--plus, we have (actually had--I'm in the process of killing it) bermuda and you know what a PITA that is. I had to put a barrier in place to try to keep it from taking over the beds.

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sheilaschnauzies(Z5 Eastern Nebraska)

Hi y'all, just moved to 5 acres in southeast Missouri near Perryville in late winter of this year. I've been gardening for about 12 years seriously. I left behind several hundred hosta and perennials when we were transferred. I'm still in "shock and withdrawal," LOL. About 3 dozen of my hosta survived the move which was in January from Nebraska!

The good news is that I have more trees and woods than I ever dreamed of now, a pond, and hummingbirds!!!! I have spent the last few months trying to identify all the many native plants and trees and birds... dodging the occasional timber rattler and copperhead... (there was one IN MY HOUSE this week!!) and finding more native plants for my pond. It has been a blast.

Had fairly good luck with my veggies here this year, although it was a bit of a rocky start with the late freeze and all.

Well, hope you are all having a happy gardening day!!


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Welcome Sheila! Hope you're enjoying your new home in Missouri. It may take awhile to adjust to your new growing conditions but sounds like it's beautiful already. I'd love to live in the woods. I'm not jealous of the snakes though. lol

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kadasuki(z6 NW AR)

Hi All,
I live in Bentonville in NW AR. Been here since 2000. My DH worked here before in 1986 and we kept asking to be sent back.
I've cut flower gardened off an on my whole life, started with zinnias and snap dragons as a kid. Pretty much at that same level today.
Been busy following my husband from home to home. When we moved here, built new on a steep slope and have pretty much avoided gardening as I just didn't have the energy (poor health) or strength to pick ax garden nor did I know how or what to do in such a site and a zone way colder than I was used to. Finished master's degree at UofA and taught but am not working this year as my mother is in need of more help than I could provide while working. So working on my health, building strength, loosing weight, helping her, and FINALLY doing my yard. I hope to learn "rock" gardening on a steep slope from all you experts.

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pauln(z7B Arkansas)

Welcome Kat. Good luck on your steep yard. Take time and ease into it, as it's pretty hard work. I've been playing on my hillside for about 7 yrs now, and hope to be finishing up in the next 5 yrs...needless to say, the PROCESS is as important as the PRODUCT.

First off, which direction does your hill face? That totally determines your plant choices.

Second, do you have rocks there, or can you get them to the area you're building? They are pricey if you have to buy them, although it's nice to have a truck pull up and unload them.

Third, don't hurt yourself! Even medium sized rocks can be heavy, especially if they roll down on your feet. Remember to be kind to your back along the way. Lift with your legs if at all possible. Always wear cowhide gloves and heavy boots. Get some help from someone younger/stronger than yourself if you need to.

Forth, have fun! This is an excellent creative outlet. Think of it like a 3-D puzzle. Study your rocks, and remember they all have 6 sides. As you play you'll start finding patterns and solutions.

Fifth, think like a 10 year old. If this kid can't safely walk along the wall, the rocks will tumble sooner or later. Once the wall is safely built, add compost and good soil. Remember that drainage must still flow. If there's a draw where water naturally flows during heavy rain, this must be accounted for if you're building a terrace through it. Gravel and/or drain pipe is our friend in these cases. If it's a regular slope and your wall/terrace is under 3 feet high, drainage should be no problem.

Sixth, Trial and Error is your friend.

Have fun!

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oakleif(z6 AR)

Welcome Kat, What would we do without our rocky mountainsides? I'm on the top so don't have steep sides in yard or garden,but can't go anywhere else without almost falling off LOL.
We'll have to talk you into planting perenials. They're easier, unless of course you have to use a saw to dig them up among the rocks LOL. I could'nt resist reading your post to beerhog.
When i first started my flower beds i piled all my rocks in a mound with dirt in between than built a dirt path over the top than i overdid buying daylilies one year and the dirt path became a daylily bed. I thought the rocks looked a little bare so fixed a steep rockgarden out of them by filling inbetween rocks. worked great till i had a stroke and fell off every spring fixing things up. The third year i fell and had to go to ER for stitches on forehead. So tore my favorite flower bed down to an exceptable and flat bed. Now am rearrangeing again to containers. Have loved all my flower beds and makng them. That mound of dirt is still my favorite of all my beds. As paul said take your time and enjoy what you do. Best wishes to you and your mom.

I think we'll have to assign pauln our official rock person.

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pauln(z7B Arkansas)

Thanks Vickie! I'm honored. Right now I'm in rock withdrawal as I've used up most of my rocks. My buddy is scouting construction sites for newly unearthed stones. He'll borrow a trailer and help me gather more for this year's projects. I'm totally dependent on him as it's hard to get many in my Civic hatchback. My neighbors were moving lots of rocks from somewhere yesterday. They just dumped them into a rip-rap pile like you see along the Arkansas River. What a waste! They could have a really nice terrace with a little more labor and some creativity.

Oh yeah, I'll try to snap some photos of my garden soon, and submit them from my work 'puter. I can't seem to figure out how to do this from home. Please remember, photos don't do much justice, but I guess that's the same for everyone. Happy gardening everybody!

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pauln(z7B Arkansas)

Cicada Terrace is my backyard above my house. You can see my waterfall and watergarden on the left. More photos to follow.

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pauln(z7B Arkansas)

Sunny bed constructed 2006. The rocks were recently unearthed at a construction site, so they are quite yellow. They will gray out in the next couple of years and the mosses and lichens will eventually move in. Note that the rocks are Ouachita in origin, so they are chunkier than their flatter Ozark cousins. This makes terrace building harder, but opens up creative avenues.

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Paul it is absolutely gorgeous! What is the creeping plant in the bottom picture hanging over the rocks.

BTW, I will not talk about my rocks to you Arkansans again! They pale in comparison.

I love your waterfall and pool. Very nice work.

I have one question. Because of the rocks, are snakes a problem. I always thing of copperheads around rocks.

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pauln(z7B Arkansas)

Thanks Gldno! The trailing plant is a sedum of some sort. I had no idea it would be that agressive. It does have a nice liquid appearance however. Anybody need any sedum? I'm in town, so snakes aren't a problem. The only ones I see are worm snakes and ring-neck snakes. They are small ones who are mostly underground. Max caught one a while back and I let him know that he doesn't need to kill snakes. His standard response was to roll on his back to see if I'd scratch his belly.

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pauln(z7B Arkansas)

Close-up of my waterfall and pond. I figured out how to make a more managable size, so it won't scream quite as loudly.

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oakleif(z6 AR)

beautiful and looks so natural. I'd wondered if you were creating natural or contempary. Good work.

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jjappleby(nw ar)

I live in Prairie Grove, Ar, 14 miles west of Fayetteville.We had an Ar. forum but we just told about where we lived and a little bit about ourselves and what we liked to grow. I liked that. Joy

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sweetwm007(6 b)

very nice paul. enjoy!


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welcome, jjappleby, I'm happy to see someone fairly close to me, as I was beginning to feel out of place here. Do you trade? I still have naked lady bulbs that I would let someone dig or that I would trade. Also have purple siberian iris that I will be digging soon. Anyone? And pauln, WOW! Your rocks do have 6 sides. Mine sometimes have as many as 15--not nice blocky sandstone, but chunky chert. Thanks for sharing.

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oakleif(z6 AR)

Welcome Joy, always nice to have a new member to share info with.
Mulberryknob,I'm going to ETX for a couple of weeks. When i get back i would like to take you up on a trade. I have daylilies and German iris to trade but i would'nt be sure of the color as i lost all of my tags. also have the wild orange daylilies and purple iris, know where they are. also have some of our wild light blue dwarf iris.

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proudgm_03(6 MO)

pauln your pond looks wonderful. Your sedum looks like sedum sarmentosum. I have some growing also. It will eventually take over the place if you let it. I just grab handfuls and throw it out when it spreads farther than I want. Very easy to root if you move it. I have sent trades of it to other people with no problems.

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pauln(z7B Arkansas)

Thanks guys and gals. As we all know, our babies are a labor of love. The sedum was given to me last year(!)and like most groundcovers, I'll soon rue the day I planted it. It does look kinda groovy right now lapping and splashing amongst the rocks in a very viscous liquid kinda way.
Mulberryknob, if you can figure out how to build with chert, then my hat's off to you indeed! The chert that comes to my mind is mostly fist sized. It would be lots and lots of work, but could make an interesting wall. Sandstone is such a wonderful rock. I have an outdoor dolly with knobby inflatable tires for moving the really heavy stuff up my front steps. It's the best $50 I've ever spent. The huge rocks sometimes have to be rolled uphill. This is not quite as hard as it sounds if you can avoid having to pick up the rock entirely. Just remember to keep some weight on the ground and roll one side at a time. And always, watch your feet and have an escape plan in case it starts rolling the wrong direction.

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sweetwm007(6 b)

paul- somewhere in my past i read that you can apply buttermilk on rocks for quick lichen growth. this is from 60 yr old memory however!

william- in yellville

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pauln(z7B Arkansas)

Thanks William. I think you take buttermilk, or beer and blend it with the desired moss. I assume flat beer would be better than bubbly if using a blender. Now I'm having visions of green beer all over my ceiling and walls. Anyway, this product is painted on the desired rocks. I think shady ones should take better than sunny ones.

I'm going to try this during the winter. It seems that's the time that the mosses are sporing. I've not heard of this method for lichens, but it's worth a whorl.

A friend of mine tried this on some of her rocks, and her dogs promptly lapped it up. So, this is something to remember if trying. I wonder if a hefty dose of cayenne would discourage the dogs/cats without harming the moss.

Looks like I've got a science project to work on. I'll report any results.

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Vickie, I'm afraid I already have all the plants you mentioned--even the dwarf native iris. But, if you want to pay the postage, I can send you some nice bulbs. It takes between $8 and $10 to send a dozen to central Arkansas. I sent some to LIttle Rock recently.

Paul our chert ranges from egg through fist to basketball to half-your-living-room-couchsized. And not at all so regularly shaped. I have not tried to build stacked walls--just used the larger ones to outline beds which I filled with good soil.

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I'm in West Plains, Mo., been gardening all my life, passed down from my Dad, I'm 51 and can't get enough plants! Waiting for it to dry out to get the garden in, so glad we waited or it would of been washed away by massive flooding last week.

Here is a link that might be useful: Country Pleasures

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I live on TableRock Lake in Kimberling City, MO. Are there any gardeners on this site from that area? Ozarks/SW MO

    Bookmark   October 15, 2013 at 3:30PM
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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Is this the latest of this type of thread? I can't figure out why didn't respond to pauln's beautiful rock garden and water feature. Maybe it was when my old computer and dial up made Garden Web impossible. I live in McDonald County in SW MO.

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Looks like only one other Oklahoma and no Kansas! I used to post on the Oklahoma forum under ilene_in_neok, but most of those folks are in zone 7 and I am in zone 6, just 19 miles from the Kansas line and 50 miles due north of Tulsa. So their climate is different than mine and they have that red sandy dirt while I have black clay -- and since moving out to the country, lots of limestone rocks! I thought maybe I'd fit in better here, and I already knew a few of you. I wonder where all the KS folks post?

I am 66, Hubs will soon turn 71, I was a backyard town gardener before we moved "to the country" three years ago. We have 1.67 acres. I've gardened a little, off and on, most of my adult life, but only in earnest since I retired at age 61, I was born in KS but we moved to OK when I was 7, so I grew up in a little town just across the state line called Copan.

Since this was started in '07, I wonder if some of these folks are still coming here?

Hubs and I both have Missouri roots in our genealogy. His Jones family lived in Greene and Lawrence Counties between 1840 and 1867, then moved to KS. My Peabody family lived in Cabool, MO and then moved to Gentry, Benton County, AR, and my Britt family lived in Crawford and then Howell Counties in MO before moving, also, to KS. This was my mother's side of the family, my dad's side were from Nebraska.

I write on a blog sometimes, not too often these days but I'll probably post more in winter. I think the second-earliest post has pictures of our place. I tried to put a link below but it was rejected. These GW forums have changed so much from the way they worked when I posted a few years ago. If you go to my Member Page, it's listed there, though.

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Hi Jimnall - I can't recall anyone posting that's from your area, unless it was a long time ago and I've forgotten, but you're still welcome to join in.

Paul DID post some beautiful photos and I didn't respond either. I have an excuse. It would've been during our kitchen fire remodel.

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I seem to have missed a lot of this thread. I am sorry I haven't welcomed newcomers. We need more gardeners here to keep this current and lively.

I am guilty of not being here as much....I, like Ilene, blog and I can't even do that as timely as I would like.

I will do better.

Welcome to all. We still live northwest of Springfield, Mo. on a farm. I don't garden as intensely as I once did but still do garden, both ornamental and vegetable (and fruit).

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dirtguy50 SW MO z6a(6a)

Hey all!. I'm is south Springfield. Born and raised here and been at this place for 25 years. Always piddled growing something but got serious a couple of years ago using this and some other free sources. I now have 9 raised beds and this year was excellent for just about all the crops. Learn so much here....so thanks everyone!

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beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)

Hi Ya'all I'm north of Springfield,and, just a few miles east of the northern end of Stockton lake. Just love it here and feeling lucky to have nice sandy soil.
Really enjoyed reading this thread and wondered if many of the original posters were still active.
I've been gardening for more years than I care to admit but the Ozarks is a new place for me. I'm learning a lot from neighbors and others here on the forum.
Anyone raising fruit trees? I'm interested in tips or recommendations.

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sunnyside1(z6/SW Mo.)

Hello -- I'm in Joplin, southeast of the city.

Have been gardening since the 1960's, but was dragged to nurseries for years by my parents when growing up. I thought it was all a big *yawn*. Now my daughter is immersed, as well, so we have fun sharing plants, etc.

This forum has lots of wonderful people -- I learn so much from them.

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I know this is an old thread but...why not open it back up?

I'm in Fayetteville, AR and my fiancee and I started a community garden at our apartment complex last year!

The landlord installed an 8 x 16 raised-bed (with railroad ties, unfortunately, but it works and we tried to protect as well as we could). We are expanding this year and super excited!

We hope to get more of the families who don't eat a lot of vegetables involved but that has been a struggle so far. I need to teach cooking classes, I think.

Any tips for efficient gardening, the best raised bed plan or alternatives to raised beds are welcome! I'm always looking for new things to try, I often use some of this garden as an experiment for what will grow.

This winter we had a makeshift greenhouse garden and were able to grow some kale, arugula and green onions.

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Welcome to the Ozarks forum Mmiesse! There are two other Gardenweb forums that might be helpful; Potager Gardens and Square Foot Gardening. Not trying to run you off of course but I think both of those will have lots of info about raised beds. I have given my hubby permission to cut down a tree that will allow me a nice sunny spot for raised beds. The tree is still there so I may not get to it this summer.

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We're in Pomona, MO - just five miles north of West Plains. Thought I'd share my solution to a grade problem in the front of our house. We couldn't grow grass as it kept washing out. What little did grow was difficult to mow. Even our small garden tractor struggled to get up the hill.

I wanted something that looked like nature might have put it there and came up with this drift of river rock that forms about five irregular tiers. This picture was taken last spring, the second blooming season. Just finished putting down a ton of mulch (actually weight, not a generic term), replacing some drift roses that succumbed to the rose mosaic virus with azalea and moving some "spreaders" to other parts of the yard.

We actually have people who drive in from the highway to get a closer look at what we've done. I'm very pleased and the tiers are so easy to tend.

    Bookmark   April 27, 2014 at 1:38PM
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Beautiful! Makes me wish I had a hilly yard....and a better back to haul all that rock and mulch.

    Bookmark   April 28, 2014 at 7:06AM
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Just beautiful!

    Bookmark   April 28, 2014 at 5:24PM
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Farmington AR just west of Fayetteville. We just moved in this past winter from a smaller house with an even smaller yard in Fayetteville. Nearly finished remodeling the inside of the house, now it's time to make the two acre hay field outside a cornucopia of fruits, vegetables, and berries.

    Bookmark   April 30, 2014 at 2:31PM
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Welcome Jdevers! Congrats on your new space. I love having a large yard and bet you will too.

    Bookmark   May 1, 2014 at 9:39AM
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More from Pomona, MO - I tend to garden as a way to solve problems. There were awkward spaces between the walk leading to our front door and the house. Grass grew but was so annoying to mow. Now, i have this pretty water feature that combines native Ozark rock with river rock harvested back in Wisconsin (our native state) and pea gravel. I started with tall stands of saw grass as a background but it is so invasive, I dug it all up and moved it. The fountain is on a remote control along with the rope light and I can turn it on or off with the flick of a switch. When the plantings are in their prime, the rope light provides a glow effect. Pretty, night and day.

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sharbear50(6a Bella Vista)

Pomonaflower, that is beautiful! I just moved from Florida (where I lived for nearly 25 years) to Bella Vista, AR. Wow, I love it here. It is more like the area of Virginia where I am originally from. You did an awesome job with your rock garden. It is giving me some ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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Sharbear50 - we have friends in Bella Vista!!! I have to confess that the grunt work on these projects was done by someone else. I'm in my 70's and there is no way my body would let me do any of this.

The fountain has an interesting back story. At the close of my professional life, I was a self-employed web site designer. I did a site for a fellow who installed fountains and ponds and, due to his circumstances, never got paid. After several years, I simply wrote off the debt. Then, out of the blue, I got a call from him. Seems he got "religion" and wanted to compensate me for my work. He asked if I would like a pond or fountain installed at his expense. I leaped at the opportunity. He traveled more than 600 miles, and spent three very hot days here, digging the hole for the tank, installing the fountain, etc. We did put him up and feed him, but he worked like a mule! In the end, we were both very happy with the results.

    Bookmark   May 8, 2014 at 11:18AM
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sharbear50(6a Bella Vista)

pomonaflower, what a wonderful story. Glad it worked out for you. It looks great!

    Bookmark   May 13, 2014 at 10:01AM
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Even better than getting paid. Very pretty!

    Bookmark   May 13, 2014 at 10:58AM
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dowbright(z6 in Missouri)

I'm in Sunrise Beach, right on the water at Lake of the Ozarks. I have been longing for this forum to become more populated! It is very different growing here than it is in St. Louis, where we were until retiring here.


We love it, and are gradually getting our beds and space going. Had to cut down a tree that shaded our deck to get any sun in the yard...but now another tree seems to be shading the deck a bit too.

Mulching is harder here--the pill bugs are KILLIN' me!

I'd love to hear from anybody in this neck of the woods!

    Bookmark   May 31, 2014 at 7:47PM
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Just moved from SouthTexas to Sharp Co., AR. Now I truly rock!
I lived in the Rockies, but never saw anything like this--gotta go raised beds. I am a no till gardener anyway & I figure once I manage to get plants started, the roots will find a way.

    Bookmark   December 7, 2014 at 9:59PM
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Seems like I'm not the only who just moved here. In Springfield, moved here from Sacramento, California. I'm pretty sure this yard has a maximum of 4 inches of "soil" and then it is one giant rock. Going to have to adjust my gardening expectations even more than I had planned! LOL.

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Welcome to Theresa67 and SoTX. Yes you will find gardening different but it is possible and you will be amazed at what you can grow.

If you can't find time to build a frame for the raised beds consider the layering of cardboard or other paper thickly and then piling on soil, shredded (or not) leaves and other mulch type material. By spring you will be amazed at what you have and what you can grow.

You just need 6 inches of soil to grow most vegetables and you can get that pretty quickly.

Good luck and let us hear how you do next spring.

    Bookmark   December 10, 2014 at 9:43AM
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Vilonia, AR. Might not be Ozarks exactly but this was the closest group I could find

    Bookmark   December 24, 2014 at 5:19PM
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