Any ideas as to what this is?

gandj(6)April 24, 2013

So, I planted out our radishes and may have come across a straggler?
I thought at first it was just a weed. But now I'm thinking that it was in our pack of radish seeds. Don't want to pull it if it's something neat. Don't want to keep it if it's poison ivy. ;-)
Any ideas as to what it might be?
G and J

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Dig down about 3-4 inches. You will find the walnut attached.

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

Or sumac root.... Any sumac nearby?

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Kato, Sumac has big fuzzy buds. If the OP tears a leaf and smells it, the smell will ID the plant. I put my nose right up to the screen but can't smell it from here.

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Kato_b, I actually thought the same thing when I first saw the plant.
But, my picture should show that dzitmoidonc is right on the money!
Funny thing is, it was growing in a 30 gallon tub. I'm guess that squirrels were helping me in my planting. It certainly didn't fall in the tub. Lol
G and J

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