Wilkes-Barre/ Scranton and NEPA

gerry_wyomingpa(z6)April 8, 2006

On a similiar note to naturenut_pa's, I am thinking of holding a swap in the NE region, of course anyone is welcome.

Would this be something anyone is interested in?

I have an odd work schedule so depending on the timing, it could be mid-week or weekend, open to suggestions on that and can refine from there. Thinking late May or early June.



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clawskeeter(z5 PA)

I'd be interested....I'm in Dunmore.


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gardeningwithlcgrace(7 Delaware)

Hi Gerry! count me in...anytime! Please include details...this will be my very first plant swap! so exciting!

It would be great to meet some neighbors! oh yes...um, we were emailing last year...I'm really "Tamra from Tunkhannock". Keep me posted!

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

Hi Gerry, am I too late?
I'd be up for a swap. I don't have much but I'm sure I could rustle up a few things of interest even if it means raiding the MIL's yard!

Plus I love any excuse to get a garden tour and talk plants!

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Hey guys...

Anyone have problems with June 25th?


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clawskeeter(z5 PA)

Works for me!


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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

Hey I almost lost hope! I'm in.... now I just have to figure out what to bring. Anyone want me to send them an email list with possible selections?

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I think a list would be a good idea, I was just thinking that last night. Aren't you about to be a new gardening daddy, I forget the date?

We need to think of a time and if'n we want to do some grilling and such with this. Input please.


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clawskeeter(z5 PA)

I think a list is a great idea; should we post some of our wants, too? (I have mostly perennials and heirloom tomatoes.) I am also wondering if we should bring our plants bareroot, or potted?
As far as food goes, I would be willing to do a potluck type thing, or whatever...I'm not picky. :)

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Just how many are 'lots' of boxwood?


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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

.....It's not so much how many boxwoods, it's how big are they.....

I would guess at least 30 plants but they're only around four inches tall. They would be excellent for a nice boxwood border around a bed that needs a little "definition".
When I have more time I'll put an updated list together!

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I would also be interested. I am from Hazleton,

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I'd like to come to, but please tell me what's expected: This would be my first swap!

I'm in the Harveys Lake area!

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floragal(z5 PA)

Hi everybody! I saw the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton post and almost swallowed my gun I got so excited. I've never posted on this board before, so a few specs. I'm in Tunkhannock (hi Tamra - 'dlove to meet ya) and have a small property with lots of gardens. I'm in the process of re-doing a bed and would love to share some stuff. Can I come?

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

I've never actually been to a swap, so let me know if there's anything I should or shouldn't be doing....

I'm sending out an email to whoever has said they might be interested in attending. Once I get the names together, maybe we can see who is bring what, who wants something special, who needs directions etc.

Gerry has a nice garden, you'll enjoy the visit..... I always do. I hope the roses are still in full bloom for the swap!

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

Floragal- I couldn't find an email adress for you. If you send me an email directly I'll add you to the list!

Rosekiller- be careful at Gerry's.... with a name like that you might want to keep a little distance between yourself and the roses!

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Sure thing, everyone is invited, I will be able to post a bit more in a few days, just busy now. I WISH the roses were going to be in bloom for the swap, but they just finished up their spring flush, if I could remember how to post a picture, I would, they were fantastic!


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AH HAH....I figured it out!

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I am drooling over those roses!!!



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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

beautiful roses jerry.

wish i was a little closer, i'd love to join in your swap.


p.s. anyone know anything at all about the berwick area?

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gardeningwithlcgrace(7 Delaware)

HEY!!! I'M HERE!!! I was just sitting here bored & remembered that I've got "another email acct" that I haven't checked in awhile!

This is so exciting!! A Plant Swap! And some new "local" friends & neighbors!!

Please keep me posted on details & "the list" of who's bringing what...I need some ideas on what to bring myself. As far as food goes...count me in! I'll bring ???

So, on the subject of plants...all the same plants to share? Different ones? Any idea on how many yet?

geeeze! I hope I can sleep tonite! lol

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floragal(z5 PA)

gerry - WOW! Those roses are beautiful. My DH and I are just starting to get into the roses. We haven't had too much luck with the Austins - they die almost to the ground every winter. They usually recover and put on a little growth, but you have to get on your knees to enjoy them. I can't believe the difference 25 miles makes. (And a slight increase in elevation!)

kato - did you get my email? I've done a yard survey, and would like to add Daylily Double Siloam Classic and fountain grass to the list. A couple of the plants I listed in my email can have a tendency to romp, but they're great for those dry, shady areas (which is 1/2 my yard, unfortunately - lots of maples). If there's no interest in them, I can leave them at home!


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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

Great picture Gerry, I wish they would last for another week! I think I'm following you down the rose addiction path... I just took advantage of a clearance sale and ordered:
1 x Rose Henry Nevard (45623) = $3.89
1 x Rose Lemon Meringue (45520) = $5.99
1 x Rose Zephirine Drouhin (45440) = $3.89
1 x Rose Pat Austin (45351) = $3.99
1 x Rose Blanc Double de Coubert (45104) = $3.89

Plus I NEED poppies:
1 x Poppy Place Pigalle (49576) = $4.49
1 x Oriental Poppy Manhattan (46567) = $4.49

It's so late in the planting season I hope they are ok (bareroot plants) But for those prices I'm willing to take a gamble. I hope the plants are true to name!

I'm sorry, I just had to get that out... I'm excited about my purchases.

I'm about to send out a swap email to the people who I received emails from. Mischelle please try again! I didn't get anything! Check the address again, my email is KatoB427@aol.com

Did I mention the roses look awesome? My little carefree sunshine doesn't look anything like that. Gerry I'm jealous.

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Ha ha ha! LOL, Kato B! Fortunately for Gerry, it only applies to roses I take home.

I've spent a small fortune on my rose graveyard (hence the name)! (Can't blame the michigan bulb co., apparently you have to WATER roses regularly, LOL.) Now I'm permanently settled, I'm going to try to ressurect the floral ghosts of my past.


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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

Actually nine times out of ten you CAN blame the Michigan Bulb Company. They have a reputation for sending dead or dying plants.
But we won't have any of that at the swap LOL, only healthy plants.... maybe a few invasive ones but healthy none the less!

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clawskeeter(z5 PA)

Here is a brief list of some of the plants I will be bringing (1 of each unless noted otherwise). Also, I'd love to know what you all are looking for, too!
Daylily -- Stella D'Oro, Razzmatazz, Firecracker
Lavender -- Vera, English
Oriental Lily -- Tom Pouce, Dizzy
Spider Lily -- Yabba Dabba Do
Agastache -- Apricot Sprite
Peony, white
Aster, Crego (2)
Primrose --Showy Evening
Hosta, unknown solid green
Basil, Spicy Globe
Greek Oregano (2)
I also have some heirloom tomato plants, (Black Prince, Brandywine) if anyone is interested...LMK. I also have 1 unknown clematis integrefloria that are supposedly steel blue; If someone is interested, I'll bring it along. I'd like to find more perennials that I don't have yet, especially hardy hibiscus, rose of sharon, and reblooming daylilies in pinks and purples.
I'm so excited about this swap -- can't wait to meet you all! It will be nice to meet some like-minded people who understand the gardening bug -- my family thinks I'm nuts to have as many plants, flowers and veggies as I do, although they never seem to complain when I give them some of the plants from my garden! : )


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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

jerry, time-wise, how far are you from the pocono racetrack?

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Do you mean Pocono Downs, the horse track? That is about 20 minutes by surface street, if you mean where the car races are, I am not sure at all. I am not to far from 81 between Wilkes-Barre and Scranton.


I am going to pop back on later in the day Sunday and post an update of what I have for trading and some questions/discussion for "rules and regulations" (that sounds strick, but I am at a loss of words right now, sorry).


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OK, here is a quick list of some of the things I have, IF possible, I would like to know ahead of time what anyone wants, so I can get them dug up and 'potted' up.

purple palace heuchera
baby russian sages (very small yet)
pink astilbe
buttered popcorn buttercups
oxeye daisy
groundcover plumbago
snowberry bushes (rooted suckers)
light purple malva
lambs ears
spiderwort, assorted colors, E-mail me or ask here
huskers red penstemon seedling
white butterfly weed
hardy hibiscus (maybe white)
artemesia, this one is getting invasive
Kalimeris Yomena (see Plant Delights Nursery web site)
Ajuga- might be 'chocolate chip'
hardy geraniums, pink
Siberian Iris
small Rose of Sharon seedlings

That's it for now, may have a few other things that I/we can dig on the day of the swap, or if I find more, I will post here!

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Now, here are my thoughts on the swap.

Sunday from 11:00am to say 2:00
Plants should either be potted or bareroot wrapped in moist towling or something of that nature, like you might send for a mail trade. Pots and general gardening items are also welcome to be swaped.

Foods, do we want to do that, a potluck? Need a quick show of hands here.

Also need a show of hands on who is coming, if you are bringing anyone, and if there are any 'special' needs.


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Which of the Austin's have you tried? I have heard some are hardy even into zone 4. Have you tried any of the Old Garden Roses?


Nice list of roses you ordered, did you get them yet, I got a few from that sale and the really do look good, and are growing already, and I know what you mean about needing poppies, now if I could just get them to grow here, I have had the worst luck with them.


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Can I get directions from W-B?


I'm bringing the following seeds...

Silver queen okra
Amsterdam minicor carrot
Kleckley sweets watermelon
Rainbow swiss chard
Pineapple tomato
Bottle martinhouse gourd
Speckled swan gourd
White sweet spanish valencia onion

Plants I can bring if I hear anyone wants them:
Red maples (about 12-18" tall)
Bittersweet vine (I have 2)
Miniture rose (1 - Hilde)
Chocolate mint (I should have 4 if they arrive in time)
English ivy
Lamiastrum - Lamium: white nancy
Lily of the valley
Aegopodium (bishops weed)
Sedum (yellow stonecrop)

And I'm open to bringing more cheesecake. But as they don't self-sow well, I'll need to know how many to "plant" LOL!


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floragal(z5 PA)

Gerry - I have tried Graham Thomas (I understand many have trouble with this one), Pat Austin, G. Jekyll (this one does OK-it gets to waist height!), Pilgrim (also OK), and others who've been shovel-pruned and erased from my memory. I'm not giving up though! I just (maybe foolishly) ordered 5 New Generation (non-grafted) Austin Roses - Abraham Darby, Christopher Marlowe, Crown Princess Magareta, Golden Celebration and Falstaff. We'll see how they do... I do have luck with Floribundas, and like their bloom and plant habit. I have 3 'Penelope' roses and only need two - would you be interested in one for a trade? They grow beautifully here, and have a nice, old garden look about them. Yes, we have a few OGR's too.

Thought I'd post my plant list, as I see others have:

Gooseneck Loosestrife (aggressive in sunny/moist conditions)
Obedient Plant (ditto)
Old-Fashioned Iris (pale lavender colored) Â donÂt know variety, has been growing on property for 50+ years
Iris ÂAmbassaduer  smells like root beer! Old variety
Siberian Iris  Snow Queen, purple, and a blue variety (also here when we bought the place)
Lychnis �  An old variety, also here for decades, double-light pink, sweet-smelling blooms
White Bleeding Heart
Fountain Grass
Peony  could be Sorbet or Karl Rosenfeld  blooms are off and I donÂt remember which are which
Hosta ÂHalcyonÂ
Campanula Glomerata
and 3 Oriental Poppies that are supposed to be Helen Elizabeth but are orange.

I have a HUGE garden and grow lots of stuff (mainly English/Cottage style). If there's something any of you are looking for, just post here or email me and I'll see if I have it and have enough to share. The above listed plants are just the ones that HAVE TO GO as I'm out of room. I'm not so much interested in taking alot of plants home as I am in meeting you all, and sharing the plants I have with others that are maybe just starting out.


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BTW, I also have oodles of what I think are new york ferns and sensitive ferns. I don't hear that they transplant too well, but as I have not grown to love them, I'm willing to try...


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floragal(z5 PA)

LOL! I just re-read the entire thread so I could start a "want" list, and had to laugh when I got to my first post. I hope you all know I meant gum - not gun! Really, I don't even have a gun!

I'm all for the potluck, but I can't be there 'til 12:30 or so as I have a motorcycle safety class in the AM in Sugar Notch. I can bring brats with peppers/onions.

Anywhoo, looking at everyone's lists, here are plants I'm interested in...

clawskeeter - Agastache-Apricot Sprite (I had this plant last year, and was unable to find it again this year - loved it);also evening primrose, and/or white peony

Gerry - groundcover plumbago! Never heard of it before - gotta have it, and the Kalimeria yamena looks good too, also the spiderwort-colors?

katoB - we discussed the iris via email - what else do I have that looks interesting? Still interested in that KF grass, and boxwood cuttings-small or large?, and the sagae hosta would be a nice addition to my collection

rosekiller - sounds like you're starting over from MD - you're welcome to anything on my list! And since I have pretty much everything on your list (some of my fav's), don't worry about plants to trade. If you don't get overwhelmed with requests, I'd love a slice or two of that amaretto cheesecake. Of course, a whole one would be quite a score! I can't bake a lick, but I have a pretty green thumb.

As for other wants, I'm at a loss for what to put into this bed once I've pulled everything out. It's a small, sunny area (8' x 10') with a Golden Glow barberry, Nearly Wild rose, small Pee Gee Hydrangea tree (I hack it back regularly), and an OGR that I don't know the name of but it's pink and many-petaled. Kind of an odd assortment, I know. I'm looking for plants, or suggestions, that are low growing, mound shaped, and behave in a small sunny area. Anyone? Anyone?

Looking forward to Sunday!

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clawskeeter(z5 PA)

I can bring fruit salad, chips with salsa...anything! Are we grilling? If so, what can I bring? If not, should I bring finger sandwiches? LMK! I'll also need directions, or an address to Mapquest...


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gardeningwithlcgrace(7 Delaware)

Hi Everyone! I'll need directions from the Crossvalley expwy....:)

Food...Pasta Salad? Preferences? Hot food? cold food? I've got a few tastey ideas but need a little guidance...how many now?

on the trading...are we arranging trades before prior to the swap? That way we know what to bring? I have:
Peace Lily houseplant
Arrowhead Vine houseplant
Periwinkle groundcover
Iris - (japanese ??) golden yellow with burgandy veining
Iris - Larger "leaves" unknown color
Oak tree seedlings (from Acorns - 1st year)
Hosta med. green & white "unknown" - equal var.
Chinese Lanterns
Gerry - Bunny Tails grass!
Lavender Lilac cuttings - Kato- I'd love to have some white!
Forget-me-nots plants or seeds
Ajuga - unknown
tiny columbine seedlings
tiny Malva seedlings
Rose Campion (not exactly sure what color yet-planted all!)

More may add more after I walk around the yard. My list isn't very "extensive or fancy"...because I'm in my 3rd year of gardening in my "free time" with 2 boys (& on a budget)...lol I'll share anything that I have or "cook & bake" for trades...:)

I'll take a look at the other lists to see what's interesting tonite.

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gardeningwithlcgrace(7 Delaware)

I forgot to add brown/black eyed susans, yellow stonecrop sedum, another sedum that grows upright (like Autumn Joy), and some other things that are growing but I don't know the names of....Can I bring them and maybe you all can help identify?

I'm hoping that you all can find something interesting to swap, because I went thru the list and found some very interesting things....I'm normally quite shy about "asking" but it looks like maybe this is "the thing to do". ???maybe???

Gerry - Purple Palace Heuchera
Baby Russian Sage
Lambs Ear
Hardy Pink Geranium

Kato - I have to look in my emails..I think your list is there...but, I'd love to try some KF Grass, white lilac cuttings and see what a boxwood looks like in "real life".

Rosekiller - A red maple seedling, English Ivy, and speckled swan gourd seed.

Clawskeeter - Evening Primrose, White Peony, & Agastache.

Floral Gal - Obedient Plant, Fountain grass, & Campanula Glomerata...or.....since your my "neighbor"...lol....maybe we can "visit" each other sometime and BYO "shovel"....ha ha....your "cottage style garden" sounds like what I'm trying to do at my house. I'd love some tips & ideas!

speaking of "tips"...can someone please "try" to explain to me how to make a rose cutting become a plant?? please? that should be a great icebreaker for our get-together!

and, please let me know if I'm doing this "swap" right! Thanks! Tamra

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floragal(z5 PA)

As far as the actual trades go... I don't know, I just checked out the "trading rules" that the Western PA group does, and it seems to make sense.


1) ORGANIZED TRADING: tracking how many plants each person brings and letting them trade for that many plants (so it's not a "grab and run" affair)

2) OPEN TRADING: open trading (where you can just make whatever arrangements you want...this would be good for people who have seed starts and stuff that wouldn't necessarily be counted in on their trade plants)...this would also allow people who just drop in to participate

  1. PRE-ARRANGED TRADES: where we'll use this forum to list things we plan to bring for trade and set up "special" pre-arranged trades that aren't part of the general open trading.

I've never been to a plant swap before - does the above sound fair? My take on it is, you'll bring plants that you'd like to trade "even" on, plants or seeds you don't care about getting a return on, and then the "special" ones that you may have pre-arranged.

Please correct me if I'm wrong on this - I'm a big girl, I can take it!


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gardeningwithlcgrace(7 Delaware)

Anything is fine with me! It's like figuring out how the "Christmas Present exchange" will work! lol Pre-arranged & Bring one, Take one sounds like less work than digging up the yard in case someone wants one! lol

I'll keep watching for further "instructions" before I start digging!

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Floralgal, you're very kind! While I have a preference for irises (especially blue), and I'm sure I'm not ready for gooseneck or obediant plant, I'll take whatever donations you'll part with for some cheesecake.

Ok, being that there is a lot of cheesecake going out of my kitchen, it seems a cop-out to say that is what I'll bring to the potluck. Slow cooker BBQ Lil smokies anyone?


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clawskeeter(z5 PA)

Hello all! In the interest of keeping refrigeration requirements to a minimum, I'm going to bring fruit salad and some kind of cake or cookies -- not sure yet which one...any preferences?
As far as trades go -- Gardeningwithlcgrace and Floragal: I have only one each of the agastache, peony, and evening primrose. LMK how to proceed...Thanks!

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gardeningwithlcgrace(7 Delaware)

Floralgal asked 1st...so please give them to her! I'll be thrilled just to "see them in person" instead of an online pic or catalog! lol

I can bring meatballs & a baked beans/kielbasa/pineapple casserole....I think it's coming together!

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floragal(z5 PA)

Clawskeeter/Gardeningwithlcgrace - The only thing I really have my heart set on is the Agastache, and I don't have any white peony, so I'd love to get my hands on that! If you're not picky about color, grace (& claw), I have a few fuschia/magenta colored and one or two pink with light pink centered peonies that I'd be happy to share... The evening primrose - depending on the size, we might be able to split it - I hear it spreads fast! If not, you're welcome to it, and I'll just beg some off you next year.

Oh yeah, and I do have a great daylily - Double Siloam Classic. I paid a king's ransom for it at Greystone (not like me at all-I'm cheap!) a few years ago, and I have not been disappointed. It blooms like crazy (peachy-pink), is fragrant, and has quadrupled in size! Time to divide it. Clawskeeter - a trade for one of your daylilies, maybe?

KatoB - where 'ya been? Haven't heard from you in days...


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gardeningwithlcgrace(7 Delaware)

Floralgal....you take the white peony I'd love a piece of yours! My neighbor has a very pale pink...almost white that I can "borrow" a piece of!

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Gerry---Your roses are beautiful.

I like the way you added the name of each rose---Great picture.

Have you posted it on the Rose Gallery?

Hope your swap is a great success.


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gardeningwithlcgrace(7 Delaware)

Hello All! anybody out there?!? Kato B (Frank)...How's things? Flashphoto (Vince) are you planning on coming? Earthlydelights (Maryanne) how about you? We'll have plenty of food & plants just in case...but Gerry's gonna be eating leftovers for a week!

Is there anything else that anyone wants before I dig...between the rain drops? Gerry - is there anything that you want from my list?

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa


We had a little internet provider incident and I've been sitting home alone in the dark agonizing about all the plant deals that are going down without me!
I hope it stays on now, it's amazing how lost you feel all of a sudden.... I had to think hard back to the days when I paid bills in person or by using actual checks!
Ok maybe it wasn't that big a deal, but I did feel cut off from the trade updates. Sorry! I hope I didn't leave anyone hanging!

I'm off to look through emails and figure out what's up! Plus I need to find a food item **stressing out**
Later, Frank

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floragal(z5 PA)

Welcome back Frank! I can just imagine your panic. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't log in daily - so many blogs, boards and emails to keep up with. What did we do before computers?

Don't worry - there's plenty of trading left for you!

See you Sunday.

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

Whew Flora. I think I got back just in time!

Clawskeeter- I couldn't get my email to go out. What did I do wrong? Something must have gone through somewhere along the line since I have your real name here on my list....... could you send me an email directly? I'll just respond then.

Usually I don't have so many technical difficulties.... really!..... I'm not just saying that.

It's a little embarrasing how I'm looking forward to the swap. Just getting over and looking at Gerry's yard again will be a treat!

FYI- Going to Perennial Point afterwards would probably not be a good idea. Bad thought. No.
But I could give directions.... and if someone wants help loading a car or something I would swing by to help out. Not a problem at all. Just give me the word....

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clawskeeter(z5 PA)

Uh oh....lots of rain! Are we still having the swap, or are we going to need to make a rain date? LMK...

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floragal(z5 PA)

Sounds like SOMEBODY wants to go to Perennial Point ;>)

I just finished adding 8, count'em EIGHT new roses to the homestead, and after all that diggin' - I'm beat! DH took one look at the plants I have potted up for the trade and said, "I hope you aren't bringing that much stuff back". I lied. I just hope I haven't left anyone's wishes behind! If so, what's one more roadtrip?

Checking my email one last time for last-minute requests....

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gardeningwithlcgrace(7 Delaware)

I've got a new "garden of containers" on my steps ready to be loaded! lol

I'm bringing some of my "unknowns"...so, If I've got a weed in there...no laughing!! I just realized that I forgot to put plant markers in! oh, well, add it to the list for tomorrow.

My DH said the same thing! 6 cars full of plants and wet gardeners! I wonder where my camera is! (Who am I kiddin', I'll forget it anyway!)

WEll, just sittin here with my milk & cookies...listenin' to the peepers outside the window, some kid hot roddin with his car around the countryside, and listening to early fireworks going off in the distance...summer is here!

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gardeningwithlcgrace(7 Delaware)


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