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capecoralcountryJanuary 15, 2007

I recently planted 2 foxtail palms they were doing very well but now i have these brown spots on the leaves and its spreading and the leaves are turning brown and drooping

the tree is planted in full sun and at the proper depth with a bit of the root exposed above ground i have sprayed it with kopr spray as recommended by the lowes botonist but its not working it gets plenty of water. any hints id love not to lose these trees thanks Roy

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Are you sure you are not over watering this tree ?

check the soil and if it is being over watered let it dry out then just keep it moist not soaked : )

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brown spots sounds like sunburn.... since this is a new tree It was likely greenhouse grown and as such not used to the full sun. let it set new leaves in the full sun condition that you are growing in and everything should be fine.

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barbcoleus(z10 Cape Coral,Fl)

According to "Betrock's Palms" leaf spot diseases affect a lot of palms and is easily spread by overhead irrigation. Then it goes on to say that sometimes it is a secondary problem on leaves that are deficient in nutrients or have received some sort of damage-like a weed wacker. I'd take a couple leaves over to the Lee County Extenstion Service at Terry Park and see what they have to say. There are quite a few experts there.

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Probably is sunburn. I would not recomend using copper unless you are putting it in the bud to try to stop it from rotting after a cold wet night. I use daconil but there are other good ones as well.I have several foxtails in pots and they can get that leaf spot if they are in shade but, I haven't ever had one to have leaf spot in full sun myself.can you post a pic ? that will help allot.

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Though I'm no expert, and since mine is grown under somewhat low light indoors most of the year, I always put it in mostly shade every summer, least those fronds get sunburned quite easily, and usually any burn on mine comes in late summer as the sun dips a bit lower on the horizon to put that palm in more and more sun, but it's usually an appearacne of a shaded brown to black and not spotty in appearance, and usually I'd think brown spots and burning are associated with standing droplets of moisture or some type of horticultural spray sitting on leaves in a sunny situation, though of course as mentioned some fungal and other diseases "present" in the same manner! I'd avod any top watering during peak daylight hours, though of course quick rain showers followed by strong sun might do the same thing, if the water droplets dont' dry out quickly enough. I have a very few times even thinking about those quick showers here followed by strong sun, rarely noticed any burning on my regular hardy perennials , though on days with very light winds I have seen it occur on some plants , which were left with brown spots on the leaves.

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captgene(SW FLA)

I hate to hijack this post but I have a problem with 3 foxtail they are been in the ground for 2 yrs now .One about 12 ft 2 others are about 9ft

They were growing fine. The root balls are nice are firm & secure in the ground. They were doing great ,Then last 6 to 8 months have stopped growing. I now see alot of black fungus on the leaves and main trunk. The new growth is small spear that look very weak and stress. I havent over water them and been fertilizing every 3 months for last 2 years. All my other palms queen ,royal Pigmy ,x mas are all doing great. I am just having a problem with these 3 foxtail that are about 3 ft apart right outside my screen. The all get parttly sun ,water every few days
Please help anyway to save them . I did spray them with Garden Safe Fungicide from Home Depot this seem to make it worse or at least not any better. HELP

I can email picture

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Foxtails do have a black speckling that will rub off but it's natural.

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Pour mixed copper in the bud and spray the fronds also.It might not be to late.

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I live in South Texas (Brownsville TX).I just bought 7 foxtail 6 of them about 6 feet tall and 1 of them about 15 to 20 foot tall.The 6 feet tall are looking good but they do have the end of the tips like burn but the rest of them are green.I also planted two bottled palms about 9 feet tall they also look good but the tips look yellow.They were all planted about a week ago.I water them every day is that good? I live in a zone 9 or 10 very tropical weather 60s to 80s in the winter months. please help me as I get educated in this field.

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Do not over water in the winter time.Just keep the soil from drying out and they should be fine.Are you having 80 degree temperatures now? If so you are doing better than us because we have only gotten there once this Dec.This has been a colder than usual winter so far.

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A Botanist at Lowes? That's a good one :)
My foxtail thrives in full sun till about 2pm then shade. They love magnesium sulfate. I live near Houston so we get temps into the upper 20s, snow last week. I provide no protection. The palm is about 25ft.

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