Beth link that might be useful??

jspeachyn5June 16, 2009


why buy one when you can look online : )

I have just gotten one each year so it is a habit.


Here is a link that might be useful: old farmers almanac

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Ahhhh! Miss Bonnie, you truly are a peach! LOVE IT! My husband was looking over my shoulder, rolled his eyes and said, ANOTHER website for you to be addicted too!" LOL!

Thanks! :)


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Beth, you may have to join the "very" early to rise club. Drink coffee while you check in w/your favorite sites. : )
If I don't do that I feel as if I'm in withdrawal. lol
Also have to work so need to fit it in some where.

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I've Bookmarked this one too. Thanks, Peachy.

Isn't the internet wonderful!

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Most of my mornings are spent outside scrambling around to get stuff done... LOL! Working on the garden is much nicer when it's COOLER. This morning it was wet, but I was able to get a lot of weeding done tho. The main problem is sharing one computer with my hubby, my three year old AND my fifteen year old! Don't they understand that Momma needs it more than they do? lol... :).

Thanks again Bonnie! I've registered and am parusing the site as much as I can. LOVE the recipe sections too!

YES, the internet is a wonderful invention!!


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Thanks for one more site to help fill the long hours. I was forced, by health problems, into retirement some 13 years ago and my yard and shop work (play) time is limited to a few minutes at a time between rest periods. I don't know what I would do if it weren't for the internet. My wife still works and I have a lot of time to myself so the computer is my most constant companion other than our two mutts. Being an old farm boy it's really difficult for me to not get out and play in the dirt, but thanks to all of you and site like this at least I can "farm" in my head anytime I choose. Thanks again for all you share.

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