Gardening Week of June 18

gldno1June 18, 2007

Well, this is my first week of gardening since last Wednesday so I am taking advantage of the cooler, overcast weather.

I got out early and mowed the chicken yard and around the garden; sprayed with Sevin several plants because of the Japanese beetles and Squash bugs. I have just a few aphids but haven't done anything about them ...... yet.

I tied up the tomato plants and see I now have blight on the lower leaves. Any of you spray successfully for blight? If so, what do you use.

Reapplied some mulch here and there and weeded some. Will go back out after my "computer" break and weed some more.

I have bell peppers now and see a very small yellow crook neck squash set on, lots of potatoes and lettuce. My late lettuce is up and looking good. I have it under the cattle panel hoop that has pole beans on it. don't know how that is going to work.

Looks like I will be pulling up larkspur very soon, lots are finished.

Blooming: daylilies, several kinds of salvias, zinnias, larkspurs, rudbeckias, few roses, persicaria polymorpha (love this plant), echinaceas (white and pink), nepeta Walker's Low and subsessilus (sp?), feverfew, and a couple of glads just showing color.

Interesting about the glads; I left them in the ground and they came back and are about 48 inches tall. I should stake them before a wind comes through and flattens them. They were about half that size last year.

Heading back outside.

What's happening in your gardens today?

Oh, I almost forgot. I ate my first blueberry this morning and it was delish! I am definitely going to pick up three more bushes this week.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Glenda, this so odd...the part of our yard that I haven't got mowed yet is the old chicken yard, and the former garden spot ! It is too wet to do that this morning, and maybe more rain coming. We got a brief downpour last night.

The blight got my tomatoes no matter what I did. I even planted them in containers filled with potting soil, and they still blighted. (Maybe the blight was in the potting soil? )

Here are a couple of pictures of my 'garden' taken from both angles.

I should have been farther back for the second pic. I missed some of the prettiest ones.
No veggies there, and none in any of the rest of my containers scattered around the exterior of our house and yard ,( unless you call basil a veggie).

Ceresone, you asked me if I had tried Liquid Fence to deter the deer. No, I haven't, but I am sceptical...besides it would be very extensive to go around everywhere they chomp on things, and I am not up to doing that.

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Marian your garden has as much, if not more, color than my flower borders. Do you water with a can, hose or just turn the sprinkler on near the deck? See, I am thinking of ways to make it easy!

I just finished mowing the yard and we got a little shower when I came in.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

We have a watering system set up from our farm pond. I have long hoses connected to it, with a spray nozzle on it, that I water all my containers with. It is rather a job dragging it from one spot to another,including the deck, but it only takes me about 20 minutes to get to them all. If we have a drought, and I have to water beds, I attach a spike to the hose, that sticks into the ground and puts out a spray over the bed(s). That is a much longer job, moving the spike from one bed to another. So far this year I haven't had to do that. I sure the rains will not continue all summer. :-(

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The rains have continued here; we got another 2.25 inches over yesterday afternoon and night. It's amazing. Of course, that means, more weeds, more grass mowing and more bugs of all kinds.....but I am not complaining. I'll take the rain over drought any time!

Hope everyone who needed it, got some rain too.

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It has been a good gardening week for me. I finally broke a life time habit of always buying cheap or tiny plants and actually went to a real nursery and bought some plants I've wanted for a long time. And one is in a 3 gallon pot! I don't think I've ever bought anything that big. Most of my stuff has come from Bluestone but I think I'm getting too old to wait for their tiny plants to grow up. I went to Carson's nursery on south Campbell in Spfd. and bought my first ninebark. It was the first one I'd ever seen and it is beautiful. It is the variety Summer Wine. I'm planting it against my tall tan brick chimney. I bought a smoke bush first for that spot but I decided it was too big for that area and the ninebark was what I really wanted. It is more delicate and shorter. I also bought a Viburnum, Korean Spice, and a Black Knight butterfly bush.
They also had a Blue Spruce called Fat Albert. It is on the list of plants of merit on the MO botanical gardens web site. I'd like to have one but I'm not ready to spend 150 dollars on a tree yet. It is really cute and only grows to 20 feet or so. Maybe next year...
I picked our first two ripe tomatoes yesterday and we had bacon and tomato sandwiches for lunch. What a treat! My four year old grandson, Brett, was visiting last week and came into the kitchen with both hands full of big green tomatoes. I was just sick and it was a few hours before I could go out to the garden and see the extent of the damage. There were lots of green tomatoes left so I considered myself lucky.

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