My Butia went back to mint green from bronze!?!?!?

Kokomo-JBJanuary 9, 2014

I'm very happy to see it get its natural color back. I hope that means the damage wasn't too severe. I don't have enough experience to come up with an answer.
Here is what it looks like this morning.....

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Here is what it looked like yesterday....

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Can somebody explain this to me? Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining :)

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I hate to say it, but it looks freeze-dried, dead to me. I've had several palms that looked like that and never recovered. Don't give up hope though. What was your minimum temp? And any idea for how long?

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Get yourself some Copper fungicide or some hydrogen peroxide and pour it down the crown.

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I would also look into getting some copper fungicide so you don't have bud rot. It looks like the fronds got pretty burned but it might be alive! I have terrible luck with pindos so I'm never optimistic when the fronds show damage, but since yours is a lot bigger than mine was, you might have more luck.
I really hope it pulls through for you!

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prinbama(Alabama 7b-8a)

Ouch, that pindo looks very sad. I hope it makes it.

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I think he'll pull through. We were between 2-8 degrees for about 48 hours. I may lose the existing fronds but I'm hopeful for a full recovery. My other Pindo, which was protected by the path of the winds looks better. Time will only tell. Thank you all for your well wishes. Ironically, my little 3 gallon Mule looks fine. Go Figure.

I did gain so valuable data in the way of the Pindo's limitations in my area. I know that I can rate this winter as at least an 8 out of 10 on the severity scale. So a normal wrapping without a heat element would have made a big difference.

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The mule palm is quite a surprise. The pindo, not so much. They are very good about recovering but seem to be weekend for years. Can you get a good pic of the emerging spear?

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I will take pictures tomorrow and post them.
On a VERY POSITIVE note, I have approximately 60 unprotected Windmills all over Long Island with no reported failures.
Maybe Long Island can truly be Windmill Country. :)

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Nassau County managed to stay pretty "warm" during this cold spell compared to Suffolk and areas in New Jersey so I think the trachys will definitely pull through. I know of 50+ year old Camellias in Long Island that have never suffered from dieback so I could definitely see trachys being great palms in spots of Long Island.
The one in that pic is really beautiful! Hope you keep us updated on the trachys you planted around Long Island when the weather warms up!
And I hope your pindo and mule pull through. The mule palm's green spear is looking very promising! Worst case senario with the Pindo if it does get spear pull is you can try cutting off part of the trunk. Sometimes people have success with cutting a little bit of the trunk off (but not too much since you need to cut it where the wood is new). Keep us updated for sure!

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It will be an honor and pleasure to keep everybody updated. I got a really good feeling about the 2 Pindos. That said, I was smart enough only to install 4 others besides mine As for the temp difference Nassau and Suffolk (I can't speak for NJ) it was a seesaw back an forth. At times we had the lower temps and at times they did. Westhampton is traditionally the coldest spot on Long Island. This is a snapshot of January for my town. It doesn't take wind chill into account.

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