Something new to water my hostas. ; )

christie_sw_mo(Z6)June 4, 2009

I guess I need to take down the "soft-hearted sucker" sign above my door because this makes dog number three for us. A curse on irresponsible people who dump their dogs outside of town to fend for themselves. This guy was one of the lucky ones because we've decided to keep him despite his very short legs. lol I took him to the vet Tuesday so it's official.

Not sure the video below will work if you have dial-up but you can try. He's awful cute. : )

I've seen him hike his leg on my hostas and iris. I guess I'll just watch and see how they do. Will they die slowly so I'll have a chance to move them?

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sunnyside1(z6/SW Mo.)

Christie, he's just darling. Looks like part or all? dashhound. They make good pets -- really loving

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pamcrews(6 SW Missouri)

What a cutie. My sister has a long haired dashhoud too. Your dog has pretty much has the same built as her "ruby". What did you name him? They do make great pets. You have a good heart!


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You are very kind Christie.
Hope your family enjoys the joys of having pets.

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Thanks - The kids named him Jackson. The vet thought he was a mix but he looks like he has mostly long haired dachshund in him. He's big and heavy like a Basset. I'm not sure dachshunds get that big.

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Hiya Christie!

He's ADORABLE! What a sweetie! I just love the long haired dachshunds... they're so neat looking!

We used to live out in the country, I feel your pain. What are people thinking when they drop off a dog like that? Out of sight, out of mind, I guess. We live in town now, and it seems we still adopt strays! My schnauzer was rooting around in our garbage one morning, and we've had him ever since... LOL! PLUS, I've got four kittens outside now that a stray cat had on my front porch. Friendly little buggers..

Anyone need a cat??? :)


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I always thought Dachshunds (Doxies) were in perpetual mourning, as they have such sad eyes. Yours is a bit heavy for the breed and appears to have been well fed. Wonder why the previous owner(s) didn't drop it off at the Humane Society? Do they charge for that, in your area?

Might keep a close eye on your plants, as the urine contains ammonia. I once had a barren area in one of the flower beds, that a neighbor's cur used for his personal potty. Requests and warnings went unheeded for years and only a $360 fine and a stern admonishment from a Judge (triple fine the next time, confiscation on the 3rd appearance), allowed me to reclaim the flower bed!

They can be ferocious protectors of their masters, so treat it well!

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Christie, good luck with the new dog! I have decided that if another one shows up here, he will have to find other quarters.

Our dog is wonderfully gentle so I never worry about the grands, but he is not garden compatible! Still digging blasted holes. We got a steroid shot for him that helps some but ...............each morning is a new experience to see what else he has ruined with his digging.

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Lol, what an adorable dog, this is how we get almost ALL our dogs, we rescue them..I was having this problem last year with my boston terrier Mr. Higgins, and I found that if I went out and sprayed water on the hostas as much as i could after the dog was out, I could wash the urine off and they were fine. If the sun hits it though before you get it it, it will turn brown.

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teeandcee(Florida 9b)

He's adorable. We have a doxie that was dumped at our house in the country a couple of years ago. He was healthy and well cared for and even had an ID chip (no luck on finding his owner with that). My best guess is maybe he belonged to an old person who died and got dumped because of that. Who knows what goes though peoples' minds when dumping animals.

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He's adorable Christie and doxies do get that big. There are minis and standards. We had a short haired red one who's normal weight was 13-14 lbs. When he died he weighed nearly 30 pounds 'cause my DH wouldn't quit feeding him. He was so much fun and loved to play ball. He was trained with a Labrador to retrieve and he would worry you to death to throw his toy, ball, whatever over and over. It nearly broke my heart when he had to be put to sleep at 14 with liver cancer. They become like your children.


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Jackson is beautiful, and you have obviously made him a happy home! What a cutie!!

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kadasuki(z6 NW AR)

Aw, such a cute little guy. BTW, doxies are the best snake killing dogs ever. And maybe his watering is just to keep deer off the plants? hehe

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Thanks for your comments everyone. He's working out ok so far and I've seen him hike his leg out in the middle of the yard several times instead of on my plants. Kadasuki - That's positive thinking. : ) At least the deer will stay out of our backyard.

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