Gonna try Sweet Peas for the first time?

gandj(6)April 7, 2013

Never grew Sweet Peas ( don't ever remember seeing anyone else growing it either?). From what I'm reading they're spent when summer heats up. At that point would we remove the plants for composting or would they bloom again in the fall, once it starts cooling down?

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Trouble is in this region with it's see-saw weather, you may only get a couple feet of vine, without bloom, when a heat wave nukes it. You can still try though, you never know.

I toured the British Embassy in DC a few years ago and the ambassador's wife at that time was insisting that the gardener grow sweet peas, as was her favorite in UK. He accomplished it somehow, I didn't get to ask how. I felt sorry for that gardener.

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That is one beautiful flower,

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Last year, I got my peas up at the perfect time, only to be hit by that May heat wave. They were toast. Now, they are an inch high and here comes another heat wave.

It's my favorite crop in my garden. So this is really depressing. Who knew PA was turning into NC....

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Its been hot..

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I got them in the ground already. Keeping my fingers crossed...
ltguidetti, you're in PA? What variety/varieties do you grow ( Trying "Melody" for our first time)?

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