How would you design a hillside garden with these plants?

mrzeiglerApril 28, 2011

Hi there,

I'm a longtime apartment dweller who is a new, first-time homeowner. More relevant to this discussion, I'm a first-time garden owner, and I'd like to hear your suggestions on designing a hillside garden with these plants. I have my layout narrowed to two designs that I sketched out, but I'm curious what others might think.

The area: It's a hillside that rises above a flat part of my backyard, so it mostly will be admired from afar (i.e. from the patio or pool). It's about 24' wide and about 20' deep (I could go a little deeper, but that would cut into space I plan to use for shrubs or a privacy hedge.) The hillside is at about a 45-degree angle.

I opted for a cool color palette, with purples, blues and pale peach, yellow and pink. Here are the plants I have to work with:

* 3 dianthus itsaul white, 12"

* 3 chrysanthemum clara curtis, 14"

* 1 coreopsis moonlight, 15-18"

* 3 lavendula munstead, 15-18"

* 2 lavendula blue cushion, 16"

* 3 lavendula provence, 24-36"

* 3 echinacea prairie splendor, 24"

* 1 echinacea milkshake, 30"

* 1 echinacea summer sky, 34"

* 1 eryngium sapphire blue, 28"

* 1 baptisia starlight prairieblues, 36-60"

* 3 digitalis purpuea apricot beauty, 48"

* I also have two large batches of shasta daisies and have 5 lime-green hybrid lilly trebbiano bulbs (36-48") that can be incorporated, though I would have no problem using any/all of these elsewhere

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fran_always(z6 PA)

You didn't give us the orientation of that slope. Is it facing south? The choice of plants will depend on the orientation.

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marquest(z5 PA)

From the choice of plants it looks like you are going for a wildflower hillside look. There will not be a structure to the design since you are not including any bushes between the groups of flowers.

If that is the look you want just plant the tall plants to the back and short plants in front.

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