bluepoppy1(z6 Pa)April 29, 2005

THe humming birds are back in my area...Get those feeders out.........

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DStoney828(z6 Pa)

Mine are out...I am still waiting...They have been out for a week now, so hopefully soon. This is my first attemp, we will see. I need to go flower shopping today.

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I was looking for them but so far, haven't seen one.
They love one of the weedier Corydalis species so I haven't ripped out the extras. Aesculus pavia is in bud and when it's open they should have returned. I filled their feeder thinking I might see one on a rainy day.

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I haven't seen any either Coralbells, lonicera sempervirens (cedar lane and Alabama crimson) are blooming. Several native azaleas, aesculus pavia too. Also carolina jessamine bleeding hearts bearded irisis a couple of different phlox that I don't know the name of are all blooming The flowering quince is almost finished blooming. But no hummers that I know of. Last year I saw my first April 27th! none yet this year. Sarah

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No sign of hummers here either. We put feeders up several weeks ago, just in case, but so far, nothing. It's pretty amazing how quickly hummers find feeders; several years we set out the feeders in, oh, mid-May, and within minutes, literally, hummers would be on them.

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bluepoppy1(z6 Pa)

They usually show up here about May 1st..Here a few days before that this year........Had the feeder out about a week before that....

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I saw my first ones on Thursday. They were flying up to my windows. This might be a dumb question but do the same ones come back year after year? They would always fly up to my living room windows last year when the feeder was empty. I haven't had a chance to put my feeder out yet and everyday since Thursday I have seen them flying around my windows.Just wondering.

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