First day weeding

cnslr81April 4, 2005

So, I got to my little garden today after work, to pick out the weeds. It was good day for it - sun, moist dirt. Also, I busted out the preen.

Time to plan for the new addition of plants.


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I picked up all the branches that fell off the large maple tree we have in my front yard. With all the wind and rain, I'm surprised the tree has any branches at all-LOL.


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Oh jeez! Bad storms indeed. Luckily my large trees were cut back in the Fall, so there wasn't too much to fall off.


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Yes,Bucks Co,except down by the river was very nice today and I dug outside for the first time this year. Some areas are pretty squishy but the roses are ready for pruning,I planted 15 poppies and separated a million is good.

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