Need advice moving seedlings to greenhouse temporarily

pworden(6)April 7, 2013

I have a big variety of seedlings started in early March. I put up a small greenhouse on my deck. I'd like to move them in there - we expect freezing temps next Friday but that's it. I have mostly flowers, daisies, mums, statice, marigolds, plus some tomatoes. I think they'll grow better in there than under lights as they tend to get rather tender inside, but am afraid of the shock of cold temps at night. Any advice on this appreciated. Thanks!

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Updat: I decided to move them into the green house and added a 60 watt light inside for nighttime, based on my brother's experience. Will post the results.

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I moved mine into greenhouse each day and bring them ineve. unless the temps. stay above freezing-and they still are not coming out of dirt (in container) I planted them in containers about three weeks ago. There must be someone who has experience in this type of gardening-Please HELP! thanks-

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Mine are doing well in greenhouse with light bulb. I haven't moved them back inside at all. I think as long as you provide a little heat like a light bulb you save yourself the trouble of moving them back and forth. Not much activity on this site, is there?! Hope your seedlings do very well!

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When you put lightbulb in greenhouse, what do you put light bulb in so that it will not be a fire hazard? Most fixtures I see limit bulb to 60 watt, is this where you put garden light? Thank you for responding-Sharon

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