Nutty me went to the greenhouse today.

kathy_April 24, 2005

It was cold but Trayers (south of Mercersburg PA) was calling my name for 2 weeks so off we went. Did not need to fight for a parking space! There were a few other brave souls walking and it was nice to go int he greenhouses to get out of the wind. Came home with 3 tiny low growing sedums, a larger new for 2005 spiky sedum the color of a yellow overwatered plant, and an Alpine plant that looks like a tiny fern. Spent all of $11.00. Wanted some coleus but I'll let them babysit them for a while. Brrrr. I kept the plants in the car for today.

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)


sounded like a fun way to spend yesterday. our weather here (right outside philly) was nasty, you, being further out, it must have been a litle worse.

do you know the name of the sedum? i have one (autumn joy) that grew from a piece a friend gave me, had it in the garden for years and would continue to separate it. finally just found out the name of it. they are very hardy plants. now i've started sharing it.

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LinHen(6 SCPA)

Hi Kathy!
I'm in McConnellsburg and they know me by name at Trayer's.LOL
I was driving around last Wednesday and came upon another Amish nursery at the Chambersburg end of Walnut Bottom called--Spring HILL maybe. Anyway Sandy there is doing a lot with shagnum moss and I bought a beautiful basket. There's a moss wreath there that still calls to me.
At 'Breezy Valley" on 997 close to Turnpike they are blazing with color and baskets galore. You must check those out though I suspect you already have. It's a madness, isn't it? Lin

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