last yr again?!!!!

sweetwm007(6 b)June 22, 2012

looks like we have a repeat in the weather pattern from last yr but a month earlier. dry as a bone here and i think for the month of may harrison, ar had .51 inches of rain. hay yields must really be low.

was wiped out last yr by locusts and they are back. spent over 50 bucks having the area around the garden sprayed but they are back again. i have never seen okra stripped of all its leaves but it was. no beans or cucumbers made it either. now the main crop of tomatoes should really be setting fruit but they aren't because of the heat. at least i planted some bush tomatoes that are doing good.

this is going to be another rough one.

william- in yellville

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I am sorry you are having such a bad time with drought and insects. I hope we don't repeat last year; I can't imagine a worse year. I have been watching the tropical weather. I don't want anyone to have a hurricane but sometimes those storms bring us rain. I am struggling with what to do with my blind dog if it gets that hot again. She suddenly went blind last summer and I think it was the heat. I love my day lilies and they have not been as pretty this year because May was so dry. Just when I had given up hope, I got a good rain. It got dry again and just in time over a half inch. I expect that kind of weather in summer every year but when spring isn't wet we are in deep trouble.

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William, I'm in Mountain Home so I share your drought situation. We got less than a half inch rain in May, but we were blessed to get almost 2 inches the first of June. Not a drop since though. It's so dry the dandelions are shriveling up and dying.

So sorry about the locust trouble you have. We have lots of grasshoppers, but they haven't bothered the veggie garden yet.

I hope your gardening troubles get better.


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Debby went the wrong way! We did have a few rainy days in the forecast for the first week of July but they've changed it. Looks hot and dry for quite awhile. : (

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Only 104 today. Looks like I'll have to start with the watering again by tomorrow. Things are drying out fast.I

Grasshoppers have almost completely eaten my balloon flowers this year, don't know why those were targeted. Must have been eggs laid on those plants.

But stil no big influx of Japanese beetles. The few I'm finding now have been dead. Mysterious. I don't spray anything.


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sweetwm007(6 b)

watering everyday here. it is a dust bowl.
grasshoppers are relentless. i don't like chemicals but am using sevin all over.
the good news is i got about 30 lbs of tomatoes off 2 better bush plants. they have impressed me and taste pretty good.

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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

same here, heats too early--and no rain. most of my garden is on the deck, with self waterers, best money I ever spent.

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sunnyside1(z6/SW Mo.)

I hope you're wrong, William, and it is not a repeat of 2011. If it weren't for mulching with shredded leaves, I'd have to water a lot more. I put most of my containers out of the direct sun. I'm seeing baby grasshoppers now and no stink bugs or hornworms yet. Tomatoes are really growing and producing. I have them covered with light insect barrier over the top of the 8 ft. bed and down every side but north. It's cool under it. And with the holographic ribbon tied on everywhere around them, the squirrels don't have a clue there are tomato treasures under there.

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William, I think this year may be worse than last year here.
I finally figured out Sevin was the only way to go, that Bonide orchard spray was like using water. Of course, I lost most of the peaches before I figured that out. I sprayed with Sevin alone and the next morning the tree was clear.

My tomatoes aren't setting fruit like they should because of the heat. I am trying to keep the fruit trees and garden watered but it is almost a daily thing.

We are near l00 daily and have lots of strong winds....not a good combo.

Ceresone, tell us about the self-watering set up you have for the raised beds. That sound really good.

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sweetwm007(6 b)

i have mulched all the tomato beds and that really helps.
watered squash at 6:45 this am and they are wilted at 1.
hoppers don't seem to like tomatoes that much but peppers, cantaloupe, beans, cucumbers and okra, watch out. i have 4 mammoth jalapeno's in pots with a 5 1 1 mix and have to water every 2 days.
this is supposed to be a fun and noble craft but ?

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I have a decision to make. I like to try different kinds of tomatoes. Some were planted very early and some later. If they haven't set fruit yet, is there any use watering them?

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mel_mo(z6b Mo)

I have been saying "last yr again?" to my husband for a few weeks now. :(

We have been managing to keep things alive for the most part, but are watering daily. It feels SO much like last year it is scary. We lost several established evergreen trees last yr due to the heat and dryness.

Not to mention what it is doing to the Veggie, Herb, and flower gardens. I'm between Clever and Nixa (MO). The 10 day forecast shows these same temps and dry weather ... ugh!

Best wishes to all of you who love your plants and work hard to keep things growing.

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dirtguy50 SW MO z6a(6a)

Yea Mel, I'm in Springfield and don't like the extended forcast at all. We are bone dry already. Plants are going to be almost impossible to keep alive. Hope something gives soon.

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sweetwm007(6 b)

helen- i would water your tomatoes. if it cools off some, they will begin setting fruit. IMHO

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

William I see orange radar spots in Arkansas. Did you get any sprinkles?

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Supposed to be a bit of a cool-down next week with temps only in the 80s. Chances of rain but even if we don't get any it will be wonderful not to be so hot for a few days.


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sweetwm007(6 b)

no rain here. heat and grasshoppers.

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