Big Storms Around

dirtguy50 SW MO z6a(6a)June 15, 2013

Hope all you Ozarks gardeners are okay and safe today. We have had 2 1/2 inches of rain so far and more on the way. Poor garden has taken a beating. Be safe everyone.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Did you get hail or wind? We were eating at Stogie's in Joplin and changed our order to go so we wouldn't be out in the storm. I live south and don't think anything is falling at my house. I would love to have 2 inches plus because my rocks have dried out and I am watering, but no hail or damage please.

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dirtguy50 SW MO z6a(6a)

Helen, we ended up with 3" of rain with a little hail and quite a bid of strong winds. No serious damage but lot of flooding all over town. A small area about 5 miles south of me had 9" of rain. WOW!!

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sunnyside1(z6/SW Mo.)

That was some storm! We had very heavy lightning and 2-2/3 inches of rain. No hail that I'm aware of, and no wind. It just came straight down and so did the lightning.

Intellicast says rain expected every day but next Friday. Hope everyone got their hay in.

I'll definitely need to fertilize my flowers/vegetables after all this water. The roses (blooms) took a beating and look terrible. Lots to do this week -- hope everyone is okay.

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We only got about an inch of rain and it's hard to believe that not far away they got 9. Wow! Glad we didn't get that much and glad I wasn't out driving in it.

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