Purple Poppy Mallow

christie_sw_mo(Z6)June 9, 2008

Gld asked to see a photo of my poppy mallow so I'm posting these. I just planted it last year so it may not have reached it's full glory but it's already spread out to be a six foot wide patch from one plant. So far it only has blooms around the outside edges. I hope it gets more blooms than this.

Same plant a little closer up:

It just started blooming this week so maybe it will look better in a couple weeks. Is anyone else growing it?

This next photo is not sideways:

It's a Fringed Popple Mallow that's leaning. It just started blooming this week too.

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Thanks so much. I can see it would be a good candidate for my front ditch.

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I winter sowed a few seeds last year and had one little seedling that I never planted. I think I must've let it die. I believe I bought the seeds at the nature symposium also but I'd had them for a couple years and got low germination. I don't know if they're difficult to grow from seed or if mine were just too old.
I'll post another picture if it starts blooming better.

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Ours are beautiful, full and healthy. We planted one last year and it did pretty well. That one has come back this year with a lot of vigor(lots 'o blooms). We planted another this year and that one is doing even better, in its first year, than our first.

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kewpie(z5 MO)

I've planted a few and have them all over my garden this year, but I just love them.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I did a search of poppy mallow on this forum and found your Jefferson City MO wild flower info. I will order some seeds. Thanks

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I purchased a poppy mallow from a native plant grower this spring and it is doing quite well. It is planted in full sun, no shade at all, on a berm porbably created by a bobcat to direct the drainage water from the street. I have never turned tthe soil, nasty clay rock, but lavender and Missouri blackeyed susan are also doing fine. Oh yes, Qweeen Annn's lace and Depforth pinks also grow here. Last year, wild white aster that managed to get a little water from the sprinkler system looked almost like the garden variety. This year I am encouraging it.

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I love this plant. I have a few growing in my backyard that I had purchased from a native plant grower a few years back. They are tough plants and have continued somehow to survive my neglect, a lot of competition from weeds and some critters nibbling them back from time to time. Which is my question to this group... anyone else have a critter nibbling on these? I suspect rabbits.

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My plant is HUGE! I don't have the space for it and it practically doubles in size each year! Does anyone know if poppy mallows can be trained to go up?

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Jenny - I haven't seen anyone try to put it on a trellis. Let us know how it goes if you try it. You'd have to use some kind of ties I think.

I pinched mine this year to see if it would fill in better. It was sprawly last year but eventually did get a lot more flowers than there were in the photo above.

Glenda - Did you try to grow it from seed this year?

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