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TomdiorioApril 16, 2013

Hello all. I live in south western Pennsylvania. I have an aluminum ornimental fence. About half of it is hidden behind emerald green arborvitae sitting in a mulch bed, the other half has nothing. I don't want anything that is very large because sometimes I pull my truck in the backyard for mulching.

I am looking for a vine, or something narrow that I can plant near the fence to give us some privacy. The arborvitae are great, but the open section on the fence is wide open to people walking on the sidewalk behind it.

I was thinking either sweet autumn clematis, or some variety of climbing rose. I don't have a green thumb and was looking for something that is easy to grow.

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demeron(Zone 6)

I don't have personal experience, which makes me hesitate, but I can suggest some from my books-- Dutchman's pipe, hops. Sweet autumn clematis is lovely, we have a number of nice ones in our town. It gets big but that sounds like it's not a problem. New Dawn Rose is tough as nails and rampant-- I love mine, but it's pretty fierce!

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Thank you.

Is that picture of new dawn rose? That looks nice. I would like it to be something to keep flat against the fence so I have little to no mulch needed.

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