I need some advice on my Majesty Palm

faerybutterflye(7B OK)January 3, 2011

I have a 5' majesty palm that did fabulously outdoors on my patio last summer and I had to move it indoors for the winter. Since I moved it inside, it has given me nothing but problems. When I moved it in, it still has 4 new spikes of various sizes and a few partially opened fronds. They seem like they've stopped growing? I have it on my dining room table in front of a North-facing window, but I also open my huge South-facing window blinds across the room to give it some light. My first problem, I think, was when we turned the heater on and it blew on the leaves. I lost 2 fronds to what looked like a terrible burn (all the leaves turned black) and I pruned them off. So I closed the vent and that seemed to help, but just today, I had one of my big fronds just bend and break in the middle of the "branch" and a smaller frond on the bottom turn brown. In fact, pretty much every single frond has the tips of its leaves turning brown. I water them about once a week but maybe I'm not watering it often enough? I also saw that they like to be misted so I will start doing that. It's potted in a 16" pot and my house is very old and drafty, maybe that is part of the problem? Also, I've noticed a few gnats around our houseplants and my mom suggested sprinkling the dirt with diatomeceous earth...would that be advisable? I'm so sad, what started as a healthy giant plant has turned into a pitiful looking mess in a little over a month! I've pruned off 4 big fronds and probably 3 or 4 smaller ones. I have just one big frond left and I'm afraid this lovely plant will die before the weather warms back up so I can put it back outside. Anybody have any suggestions? :(

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ericthehurdler(NOR CAL 9a)

I had a very similar problem with my majesty palm. They hate dry air! so you need to mist them a couple times a day. Also for the gnat problem i usually cover the top of the soil with about 2 inches of sand, it dries faster than soil so the gnats will not be able to live in it.

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Majesty palms dont really like being indoors for the most part. They can sucessfully stay indoors but they must be misted if your house is dry, and watered pretty well. My majesty palm looks pretty healthy except that the newest frond might not be opening fully. Im getting a little concerned, but Im going to buy a water spritzer and hopefully it will hang in until spring.
Good luck!

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Majesties are pretty thirsty and very challenging to keep indoors. I had 2 that I kept inside over a winter and they were placed in a south-facing window. They took a bit of a beating but made it to the Spring. If you can move yours closer to that south window that you have that would help it. Also, water a little more and do more misting. Good luck !!!

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Majesty's are my favorite palm and i have avoided any problems for years by
keeping the palm flat against a south east window, wattering heavily once a week.

i dont mist but i have hot watter heat hot air heat really dries out all plants so you will need to mist

my majesty last summer

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Hot water heat probably helps keep more moisture in the air which is a huge plus for many plants, and the majesty palm definitely being one of them! Maybe sending your palm into an unheated garage will at least keep it from growing quickly and possibly keep it from declining? Not really sure if that would work, but it might be a good very last option.
Good luck!

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earthworm73(WA z8)

Is that one of those self watering containers that Walmart carry?

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