Sweet Corn

oldgardenguy_zone6June 26, 2014

Corn earworms I found an old issue of Organic Gardening (1983) and someone sent in a suggestion to dust the ears with lime to prevent earworms. has anyone ever heard of or tried this ? I put some pickling lime in an old salt shaker and dusted the silk on my patch of Kandy Corn. will update in a couple weeks

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I don't grow corn but I have heard of using mineral oil on the silk for the worms. I love corn but my soil is thin. I can hardly wait to buy some from produce stands; sometimes you get good corn there sometimes not. My father used to plant sweet corn by the creek and I helped my mother freeze it. I used to get half. Blanched and frozen properly it keeps its good taste.

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So far so good no sign of worms yet but have noticed a lot of ladybugs this year way more than the last several years they eat the young worms and eggs so maybe that and the lime will do the trick , should be picking a few ears this week

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I quit using anything for ear worms. I get some damage but nothing I can't live with. Mine isn't nearly near the ear stage!

My worst damage with be from raccoons. We just caught a big one in a trap in the chicken yard. Something dug under the fence and killed two chickens....probably the raccoon.

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sunnyside1(z6/SW Mo.)

Glenda, if you sprinkle hydrated lime around your block of corn, the raccoons won't cross it. At least that worked for us.

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I even have a bag of hydrated lime in the barn. How wide a line?
I am definitely going to try that this year.

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sunnyside1(z6/SW Mo.)

I think Tim made the lines a foot wide (?), but that was some time ago! I'm guessing, though. I'd think at least 6 inches wide -- that's what I'd do now. But/And it worked, The nice fellow at the feed store told us about hydrated lime, Glenda.

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Less damage than in the past can't say that the lime helped I had planted radishes as companion plants in my squash and on the end of the corn that adjoined it had no damage about three rows the other 9 rows had about 50% damage. planting second crop and will intermix radishes with the whole patch,

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