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Pallida(Zone 7b)May 1, 2012

This guy was told by his Homeowners Assn. that he could not fly the American flag, sooooooooooooooo!


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LOL, that is a good one!

Thanks for sharing.


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That is cool. Where there's a will, there's a way"!!!

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I saw this several weeks ago and it kind of made me proud that he stood up to them for something so crazy as not allowing an American Flag in America.

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I love it!

I reserve a special kind of dislike for homeowners associations....

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You may find these links useful. Follow the links in the web page and learn the real story.

Here is a link that might be useful: flag house

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Pallida(Zone 7b)

Dear Mr Old Fart (phonetically speaking),
I do apologize for dusturbing your busy day of critiquing "E" mail, etc posts. I meant no harm, simply was happy to see a fellow American who was proud of his heritage and country. It makes NO difference to me, whatsoever, if his actions were prompted by a homeowners' assn. or patriotic pride. We should ALL be so faithful! As for the house appearing to be too old for a newer addition, have you not seen the "kits" you can purchase in the style of your choice? If this sort of pride and faithfulness to God and country disturbs you, I suggest you find a good Bible-teaching church and register to vote (preferably, the Republican Party). If you are a remnant of the peace-loving/pacifist "flower children" of the '60s, unwilling to fight for your country and now wanting to turn our country over to self-serving liberals and STILL unhappy living in this wonderful Democracy, I am sure there is a plane that will take you from our shores to any number of countries with zilch freedoms!
God Bless America and the American Flag!

Again, my apologies for disturbing (or perhaps) making your day!

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I like the house, and I like the stories behind them.

It was painted by a builder as a jab at a local historical society. He painted one house black (it had burned down previously, apparently, then he painted it black), and the other house the American Flag. This home is a historical home in Cambridge, MD. It's on Roadside America... fun tourist stop.

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Pallida(Zone 7b)


Thanks for the up-date and the interesting website!


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