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slowpoke_gardenerMay 5, 2013

Carol, many of my peppers this year came from your seeds. The ones called Tangerine look like they will be real producers.

I also planted a pepper mix, so I have no idea what they will be. I wanted to show a picture, even though they are small and have been carried in and out of the house way too many times, they still look pretty good.

Next year I must have some kind of outside shelter for my plants.


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pam_chesbay(VA 8a/7b)

Larry: Your peppers look great! As a bonus, they are producing - very cool.

Good job!

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Those look great. Mine are so leggy at this point.

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Those pepper plants look great! And you all ready have peppers on them! When did you plant the seeds?

Mine also look leggy. They are just starting to have little flower buds. I'm in the process of hardening mine off so they can get planted soon.

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Cythiann, I planted my peppers on 2-19. I have (6)T8 tubes over 4 flats. (I only have 2 shelves) I have problems with legginess also. All plants dont come up, or grow at the same rate so I start lifting my lights on one end and position the shorter plants on the lower end. It really helps to move you plants outside under natural light as soon as you can, I have not been able to do that this year. If I had know we were going to have a spring like this one I would have planted later.

I have very low-tech seed starting shelves, they are set up over the bath tub in the bathroom.


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