How to cover plants? I killed them last time.

scully931(6)April 3, 2007


After 78 degree weather today as you all have heard, it's going to snow this weekend. Our temps are supposed to be around 25 at night and 35 during the day for about a three day stretch. All the plants I ordered have arrived and are in the ground. I tried to cover my little banana tree when we got cold temperatures about a week ago and it died overnight. I was going to use a big sheet of plastic weighed down with a few stones. Is that a good way? Also, since it will be cold during the day - take it off or not? My plants look so healthy, I'm afraid of losing them all. Thank you for any help!

~Deb =-)

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I always heard no plastic.If you dont get it off right away and sun comes out.I hearsd burlap,Ive used bigger pots,boxes,you can also pull milch up around them if theyre smaller.,sheets,

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rhodyman(SE PA, USDA Z6)

White cotton sheets are the best. Once the sheet gets wet, its effectiveness gets compromised. All attemps should be made to dry it out after the rain stops before using it again.

White plastic can be used if it is removed and dried out each day. Never use clear or black plastic. That is what you use to make a solar oven and kill everything.

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I had my plastic all set up to go tonight. I had an inkling it wasn't a good idea, but after reading your comments, I just covered everything with pots and empty window boxes. Should I uncover them during the days when it is in the mid-high thirties or just let them covered? It is supposed to get warmer again starting Monday. Thanks for any additional advice! I appreciate it!

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Uncover during the day.It is alot of work but if you want the flowers......

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