Brandywine tomato question ?

wild_by_nature(z5a/b ne.PA)April 12, 2005

Hi everyone,
All of the var.of tomatoes that I've started from seed are doing well and have 2-3 set of leaves w/ the exception of my Brandywines. The germ.rate was around 30%, and out of those not one looks like it will ammount to anything. So my question is, does anyone know where I might be able to purchase a few heirloom
brandywine plants (greenhouse,nursery,plantstand) in
Luzerne county. In a radius of W-B,Hazleton,Berwick,
Wyoming valley.
My best looking upstarts are 'delicious','yel pear'
'super marmande'and 'jubilee'.
I would appreciate any ideas, wbn

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janepa(Z5-6 PA)

If there are any Amish garden centers in your area they will probably have them. I think I even saw them at Wal-Mart last year (as plants). I got seeds to plant also of the pink and the red. I better get a move on. We still get frost here in late May so I still have time.

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JessePa(z5 pa)

I am surprised by your poor germination rates with Brandywine tomatoes. That is one of my main varieties (for the FLAVOR ! )I would try a different seed supplier. Also I have direct seeded Brandywines and have had good results,so you still have time. My last average frost date is the middle of may. Good luck

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wild_by_nature(z5a/b ne.PA)

Jane,I wish we did have an Amish or
M'Nite plant/veggie stand around this
part of NEPA. They have some great places in the southern tier.

And yes Jesse,If I did restart the
seed it's amazing how quickly the new
seedlings can play catch-up. When I opened the B'wine seed pkt. I noticed
that the seed was kinda grey and shriveled, not the nice,tan plump,fuzzy seed that you can almost
see its viability. So I had an inklng
that the results might not be all that great. But you never know, I've had
some of my dismal looking plants turn out to
do okay.

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I've seen BW plants at all sorts of places, including discount stores. Now, whether or not they are what they are supposed to be, who knows? I believe the Sudduth strain of the BW is alleged to be the one and only true Brandywine.

For my money, BWs are okay. Not great, not spectacular, just okay. I grew them for several years and they didn't exactly blow my hair back. The big negative with BWs, and other heirlooms, is that they're totally unpredictable. They take a long time to bear fruit and I've had BW plants that managed to yield maybe two or three tomatoes. As always, just my opinion. Cheers!

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