Liatris, Plant Or Not To Plant. Help Please

nick_17815_pa(NE_PA z6)April 2, 2005

Liatris Kobold. I purchased two bulbs at the philly flower how, and planted them in separate pots a couple weeks ago. I wasn't sure how quick they'd come up, and now they're both up 2"-3" I wonder if I planted them too soon, and now do I need to wait until the threat of frost is gone to plant them in the ground, or if they'll still manage freezing nights. After checking several sites, it seems that a good planting spot is full sun & well drained? Any help you can give me is appreciated.

Watching The Yard Puddle Up


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Only your yard is puddling...I am 2 block off the Susquehanna, so I can see alot more than that(on high ground however).

I would wait a few more weeks to plant it, though you should be able to put it outside in a shady spot, and bring it in if frost or freeze threatens, then when it is time, plant it our in a sunny area.

I love liatris, and am dividint a huge clump of white...actually I have it dug already, now I need to get it back in the, I mean ground.

Waiting for my bridge to close

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hoehum(z6 PA)

Liatris is extremely hardy. Has to be because the bulbs often push themselves to the surface so definitely get frozen solid in the winter. I'd leave them outside either in the ground or in the pots.

Ease them out, though. Wait until you have a weather forecast with a couple days in a row with above freezing temps and set the pots in a partly shady spot. You can also put them in the fridge at night (if you have room and permission) to give them a taste of the cold cruel world.

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nick_17815_pa(NE_PA z6)

A little update, I planted them prolly a week or so after posting, and all the leafs started to go pale and limp....
Then they slowly got their color back and are looking just fine. I also got a little box of them from Walmart for 97cents, the bulbs were tiny, didn't have many roots, and looked dried out, but three of the four came up :o) A lot smaller than the ones from the flower show, but a lot less.
Does anyone have a clue when to expect them to bloom.

Waiting For Some Rain


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katybird_PA(z6 PA)

Mine blooms late June through July along with the coneflowers, lilies, nepeta, and shasta daisies. The snapdragons are 'bronze rocket'

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wolfe15136(z6 PA)

What a beautiful combination!

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That is so pretty katybird!

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