I have to give you a good laugh on me...

jspeachyn5June 30, 2009

Yesterday I was checking my flowers an was shocked to see a plant that I could not remember what it was.

Well I got really nervous. So posted a question on the winter sowing forum. It is listed under, Is this legal?

After you read it you will see I was in a bit of a tizzy until someone answered my question. (which in my panic mode seemed forever)! Go oh you know you are curious as to my moment of insanity.

Caution this link does have pictures for those of you on dial up. Sorry, I was in a state an forgot to make them a smaller size.

Bonnie : )

Here is a link that might be useful: Is this legal??

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lol Bonnie
They'll look legal when they start blooming. It shouldn't be long. Post another photo when they do. It's one of my new favorites. This is my first year to grow it.

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I wouldn't know what the other kind even looks like!

My cleome sure doesn't look that healthy. For the last two years I have tried to raise them in front of the house and they are the sorriest, spindliest little things.

Next year I will try them in another area.

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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

Bonnie, I have a 8' plant in my border--by the road--that has leaves exactly like the popular plant in Mo. I even took leaves to my SIL to identify-thats what he thought it was--blooming now--has dusty purple flowers.
And I can't remember what it is!!!

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That is so true. I did not really know what it looked like either.
I was glancing at that bed as I walked by and was drawn back to that plant. It scared me. I thought I had gotten some crazy plant in trade.
I will post a picture when it blooms. I hope it is red but more than likely since it was a trade it will most likely be white. Which will be fine.
Now I laugh at my self when I go past.
I was told they like sun and not to let them dry out until established. They really grew when I added the composted manure : )
Bonnie : )

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Does cleome come in red? I've only seen pink, white and purple.
Here's a pic of the ones I bought at Wickmans this spring. Two were white and two were pink. They're blooming even better now. I haven't ferilized them at all.

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Oh Christie I just love them. I can't wait for mine to look like that.
On the red thing. I had seen in a catalog that they had "rose" cleome. So being me I just thought it was red. But now that I googled it. They are more a deep pink for lack of a better description. Bit it really does not matter I will like them any way.
Great picture.
Bonnie: )

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If plants with Palmate leaves scare you, don't plant Vitex.

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And be careful with the okra. A few years ago a "spotter" from an airplane sent a ground crew down a lonely country road and a 1/2 mile long driveway to wipe out a patch of you-know-what only to find a family's garden. He took a ribbing.

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