Extinction of the inexpensive 6 cell vegtable pack.

rayinpenn(6)May 25, 2012

This year here in southeastern Pennsylvania the inexpensive 6 cell vegetable pack has become like the dinosaurs - extinct. I has been replaced by the larger single plant for $3.49. So the flat of 40 cucumbers that I grew from a single packet ($3.50) of seed would have cost over $120. I can not and will not pull the trigger on a $3.49 pepper plant . It's just insane! Clearly the margin on the large plant is higher and the retailer makes more money. The gardener on the other hand might be forced to scale down his garden to make it fit in his or her budget. That to me is a real shame. I discuss gardening budget issues and maintain a photo journal of my gardening at my website:


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to see more pictures from my garden..
Garden pics

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They aren't extinct, just harder to find. I have several nurseries in Lancaster County that still grow them. God forbid the retailer make money. Sorry, i work in the industry, and there is NO money to be made in 6 packs.

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demeron(Zone 6)

I have seen a few here outside Harrisburg, but sadly, everything is so much more expensive these days.

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Glick's in Berk's County sells inexpensive six packs of vegetables and annuals. Love that place.

Here is a link that might be useful: Glick's Greenhouse

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