tulip poplar tree?

alisaruss(7)May 6, 2012

Ive seen them online but not in person. I would like to plant some but dont know how well they would do in oklahoma. Also have not found where I can buy any unless I order online & im nervous about ordering a tree online

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I've watched this post since this morning and thought someone would say something by now. Since that's not the case, i'll throw in my two cents worth. Yes they will grow in Oklahoma. I had one. As near as i know it's still in the front yard of the house I lived in for 20 years. I first saw one just south of Eureka Springs Ark. at a place called Quigly's Castle. Its a tourist attraction. In their parking lot is a couple of them and the last time I saw them they were at least 50ft. tall and that was years ago. I buy trees online all the time, just check out the company you are considering ordering from on Dave's garden watchdog. If you don't know who that is, someone who doesnt type with two fingers and doesnt have carpel finger will tell you about them.

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I planted two of them in Ft. Smith about 25 or 30 years ago. They were beautiful and grew very fast. The ones I had were very soft wood and the wind ruined both of them. Try to buy them locally, if there are not many in your area it may because of the light brittle wood that does not fair well against wind, ice, and dry hot summers.


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I have one and am going to try to keep it small. Latin name is Liriodendron tulipifera aka Tulip Tree because of the blooms that look like tulips.

I grow it because it is a larval host plant for the Tiger Swallowtails and Spicebush Swallowtails - butterflies. I love the shape of the leaves which are unique to this tree.

It may not be a tree that is recommended for the reasons mentioned above, but it is a native to Oklahoma. I have a yard with a Silver Maple right across from it, which is not much better in terms of wind, ice, and drought either. I also grow Black Cherry and Black Willow - also butterfly larval host plants. The butterflies' caterpillars will in no way appear in large enough numbers to decimate the trees - you would probably never know they had been there unless you specifically looking for them, like I am, lol!

Check native plant nurseries for them, and also Sooner Plant Farm here in Oklahoma. I think they are way too expensive, but if you don't mind the expense...... I think you may be able to get one at arborday.org for much less.


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They are native in my native NJ. Yes, their wood is very soft. The trees grow IMMENSE! They were, perhaps the tallest, most massive trees in the forest where I grew up. I bet some were 100' tall. Though, all the trees, there, were probably at least twice the height of trees in our area of Oklahoma.

Even in NJ, where the wind is negligible compared to here, a Tulip popular is not a good choice as a stand alone planting. They are mainly found in the deep woods, surrounded by other tall trees, which seems to help shield them from the brunt of the wind.

Tulip populars make a wonderful dark honey, when their flowers are worked by honey bees! Their flowers, though usually so far up they are hard to see, are beautiful. I love this tree. But I would be sure, if I planted one, that it was at least 100' from any building.

Tahlequah, OK

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Your title threw me. I had a tulip tree in Tulsa. Bought it at Colebrook Nursery west of Tulsa.

It had only been in my yard for 8 month when I moved, and I dug it up and moved it with me.

Unfortunately when I got my divorce I had to leave it behind. :(

It still looks GREAT, or at least, the last time I saw it. I'll give you the address in Edmond, if you are near there.


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