iris leaves spots and Elizabeth Salter

helenh(z6 SW MO)June 22, 2012

I took the picture for the day lily but am asking about the spots on the leaf of the iris near it. What am I doing wrong with iris. They are supposed to be easy but I have leaf spots.

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I checked my irises and I have some with spots too. Mine look like the photos in the link below of Iris Leaf Spot. Now I'm worried that I sent it to you. : (
Do yours look the same or do you think it might be something else?

Here is a link that might be useful: Iris Leaf Spot

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

You didn't send it to me. I pulled out iris this spring that had terrible foliage. I didn't like the color so much either so I didn't put up with the ugly foliage. This one that you see is a pretty blue so I am keeping it. I have some rose fungicide that I found the other day and I may put that on it. Also I have heard milk or baking soda are fungicides. A friend at my high school reunion surprised me with a bag of mixed iris. I have those baking in my vegetable garden in the spot where my radishes were. Maybe the unrelenting sun will be good for them.

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I read a little bit about it and it sounds like it usually isn't deadly for the iris and just removing foliage in the fall and putting it in the trash instead of leaving it there until spring (like I always do) will help quite a bit for next year. I'm going to try to remember to do that.

I thought I had some kind of fungus on my phlox but did a little research and found out they have a bad case of Phlox Plant Bug. They're barely bigger than aphids but I could see them after I looked closely. The foliage looks terrible and I do think it will eventually kill them if I leave them alone. It's only in one bed where I just have a bunch of volunteers and hasn't bothered my other phlox yet.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Some of my phlox are yellow and wilted. I have been removing them as I see them. There will be a couple wilted yellow stems in a clump that looks OK. I will have to look up that bug. I am ready to spray if it is a bug doing that. I have Sevin in my sprayer for the striped blister beetles. Today they were all over the portulaca. They eat a variety of things but chose to attack one area at a time. There are hundreds of them. When you spray they run everywhere. I will walk around this evening to see if they are on something else. It is too hot to spray right now. I don't like spray and chemicals but the striped blister beetles have got me going.

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I'll post a link that has photos of Phlox Bugs and the damage they do. You may have to look under the leaves to find them. They're tiny.

Here is a link that might be useful: Phlox Bug

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sunnyside1(z6/SW Mo.)

I've seen these bugs in other years on very much older phlox. I sprinkled Sevin powder (5%) on the leaves and that took care of it for several years. I recently sprayed my bad-looking phlox in another location with fungicide, but now that you have reminded me, I'm going to use my dry Sevin tomorrow morning. I'll bet they go back to normal soon -- thanks, Helen --

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