To fence ..... or not to fence

PAgrower(z6 PA)May 10, 2005

This is my first year with a vegetable garden. Most of the neighbors DO NOT have fencing around their veggie plants, but some do. I know we have no shortage of rabbits in the neighborhood. Should I fence or not? Do the rabbits bother only certain plants? Any input would be appreciated. Jim

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witsend22(6Pa Bedford Co)

plant extra for the rabbits,deer, etc. Many things work to a degree but I have not found anything that is actualy fully effective and cost effective. Don't forget a few flowers for the humming birds and maybe even a sunflower or two just to fun of it.

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Unless you can seriously drive your fence into the ground several inches at least, rabbits will burrow underneath. Deer require a fence at least seven feet high, or else they'll jump it with relative ease. Forgive me for doing this to you, but between rabbits and deer, vegetable gardening in a lot of PA neighborhoods is really pointless. We've lost a ton of stuff. Last year, for the very first time, deer even ate our tomato plants. Sorry...

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My vegetable garden which is 40x35 is fenced in because i like the way it looks.Last year a rabbit burrowed under and made a nest under my pumpkins and soon there were bunnies all over the place. Not much was eaten though. I can only speak for myself lbut the rabbits only chew on the new shoots and leave the older things alone so at night i cover up the young plants with pots and in the morning take them off. When they are a little older,I just leave them uncovered. Rabbits have never eaten my beans,tomatoes,peppers,celery,or lettuces. The deer can't get in because of the fence and the raccoons always eat the corn so I gave up on that. Try a garden this year without the fence and see what'll lose some things and others you won't. Good luck .

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I would honestly have to say that deer do the most damage, hands-down, no two ways about it. Once they find something the like, they don't stop until it's gone. We had one at our bird feeders over the weekend that looked about the size of an elk. We've actually seen mother deer teaching fawns how to clean out our feeders. That's okay, live and let live. Our only solution, or so it seemed, was to just give up growing most veggies.

What can really drive you nuts is the not knowing WHEN they'll mow you down. We've had years when they left, let's say, beans alone until August, then in one overnight raid, ate them right on down to the soil. As of now, garlic is all we grow, they don't much seem to like it.

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bonnan_bui(Z6 WPA)

I've had 100% luck so far (3 years) keeping deer out with 3 strands of a solar charged electric fence(coated with peanutbutter). Otherwise it is a gamble.

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thezookeepper(z6 PA)

I'm in central PA. I don't have a fence but the deer don't normally bother my garden - nor the bunny's. But then I do the following:
When the dogs shed I keep the hair and place it and our hair cuttings around the edge garden.
I also plant stronger smelling plants they don't like next to things they do like...
That being said I also have 3 kids, 2 cats and 2 dogs. They trevel thru-around-in the garden daily so their scents also work to stop the animals from showing up.

Good luck!

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