Not quite a raspberry ????

pomonaflowerJune 27, 2008

There are lots and lots of bushes growing wild on our property. I thought they were wild raspberries - the leaf looks like those we had back in Wisconsin and the stems have thorns like those back north but the berries grow up rather than hang down under the stem.

There are clusters of 15 to 20 berries. The berries are getting red now. They have nodules (like a raspberry) but clear and firm, more like a currant.

Anybody know what I might be talking about???

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This is a picture of my tame blackberries; wild ones would look similar. Could it be wild blackberries. I am not sure about the hanging down thing for raspberries. Mine grow just like the blackberries and don't hang down but are on top.

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I think it is likely a dewberry and yes they are edible

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Black Raspberries grow wild around the Ozarks also.

You might try calling the Missouri Department of Conservation and asking whether you could take a branch somewhere to have it identified.

We used to pick wild blackberries when we were kids. The thorns are wicked. They're difficult to pick without getting captured. : )

Here is a link that might be useful: Google images - Black raspberries

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oakleif(z6 AR)

We have wild blackberries galore around our house and i plan on picking some this year. They are turning red right now. Blackberries make tall bushes and Dewberries crawl along the ground and they are about through for the year.

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Thanks, everybody. Patience paid off and yes, indeed, they are wild blackberries. I'm picking about a pint a day and there are gallons still on the bushes. I'm going to freeze for now and when I have enough, I'll start making sugar-free jam.

I feel like I've discovered oil on our land!! Haven't been this excited since I saw the softball size watermelons on our vines. And to think we were going to throw those melon seed in the garbage!

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oakleif(z6 AR)

Pomonaflower, Can i ask for your Blackberry jam recipe. I'm a diabetic and shameless to ask for recipe.

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I froze the last of my raspberries to make jelly with. I'm not sure I'll have enough but my mother says I can add apple juice if I need to. I never thought to look for a sugar free recipe. I'm not diabetic but hubby is and I'm dieting.
You're lucky to have blackberries. I tried planting some along the edge of our property several years ago but they were back along the edge of the field and I didn't keep them watered the first year so they died.

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