Dahlia Lady at Zerns

pennycp(Z6 SE Penna)May 23, 2006

Hi -

For the last two years I bought dahlia tubers from a woman who set up a stand just for one weekend at Zerns Farmers Market. She dug them out of her yard and put them in baggies with homemade tags. The tags said "Delightful Dahlias".

I've been keeping an eye out for her this year but haven't seen her yet. Seems like it's getting kind of late in the year....

Has anyone else seen her there? Have I missed her?

Appreciate any information on how to find her.



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Karigraphy(z5 wpa)

I don't know about the dahlia lady at Zerns . . . but my father is a dahlia grower in SW PA so I know a little about dahlias by default.

The best way to buy dahlias is to look up the dahlia society in your area and find out when they have their annual auction of tubers. It would usually be in May. Also, find out if and when they have their annual show and go see the flowers and talk to the growers. Shows are usually in early September. They will show you which dahlias will meet your needs.

Reputable dahlia sellers usually sell dahlias by name, such as "Zorro" and a size classification and style such as formal, informal, or ball.

Of course, you could do what I've done at times and buy the prettiest ones you see in bloom at the nursery. Some places like Home Depot have potted dahlias that were greenhouse raised to be in bloom in the spring when annuals are sold. They probably won't over-winter very well but they'll be pretty for a season.


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pennycp(Z6 SE Penna)

Hi Karen -

Thanks for the information!


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