Hibiscus Moscheutos

Nancy18509(z5 NEPA)May 15, 2005

I just received the root. I need infor and how to plant this

When I got it I just stuck the straight woddy part in the ground. Its planted in with other perennials In the garden but want to know if that was a mistske too.

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I have never planted a bareroot one, just those growing in pots from the garden center, but I am hoping you gave it plenty of room to grow! If it decides it likes the location, it will get huge in a few years. I will try to locate pictures of mine.

BTW..I am not to far from you, just down 81 in Wyoming.


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Nancy18509(z5 NEPA)

Thanks Gerry for getting back I had sent a reply email to you so it might be in your spam mail but anyway I think I planted it in the wrong spot now Im wondering if I should move it now or wait since I had to dig it up yesterday and put it in the right way. I hope it catches.
Wyoming isnt far from me at all.

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

Hi Nancy and Gerry,
If I don't know which end is up (which seems to be a permanent condition for me) I plant the root or bulb on it's side. That usually works out alright for me.

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I had one and also two cultivars lord and lady baltimore It was much prettier than the cultivars I bought it at Bowmans wildflower preserve native plant sale But I ended up pulling it and the others out because the were being decimated by the hibiscus sawfly. Sarah

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