Surprise in my yard this morning

MelDawn0511(7)May 2, 2013

Just when I thought none of my other irises were going to bloom, I look out my dinning room window and saw these beautiful lavender irises. I figured all my irises were deep purple and small since that is all I have seen bloom. This iris this morning though was triple the size of my others, its probably a good 4ft talk counting the blooms and it produced 6 blooms not 3 like the other, my others are maybe 18 inches. So this one is not going to be moved lol.

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These are my smaller ones

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what a beautiful surprise!

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I found this one yesterday. Hope, it won't get to hurt overnight. This is the first time, this bloomed at my house here. I "believe" I got this one from my friend in Tulsa.

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Snapped lots of iris pics last night, thinking the weather might get them. Someday want to consolidate them, because they're scattered all over the yard and think it would be an amazing display all together, but for now, my fave was this unusual light blue (shown next to a purple so you can see how light it was).

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faerybutterflye(7B OK)

Mel, what a pleasant surprise! I bet you're so excited. I'm glad that some of them are blooming for you! :)

Moni & Mia, what beautiful flowers! I just love irises, we had them in front of our house when I was a little girl. Such majestic, elegant flowers. :)

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