Dying Yews

ortolanoMay 12, 2009

I've had a Yew hedge for 10 years. A section of it always seemed to lag behind the others. It was suggested that the land slopes and water was collecting and getting root rot. However, that doesn't explain why some that are on the high ground are now suffering from the same thing. What ever it is the Roses are going gang buster from it! The needles turn yellow and fall off starting from the inner branch, moving slowly to the outside. I pulled out 2 on either side of the roses and examined the roots but saw nothing unusual. I've tested the soil for Ph and it is fine. What ever it is is moved from the Yews on either side of the roses and is spreading from bush to bush. Any suggestions?

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I'm wondering if you have a mealybug infestation. They are known to attack both Yews and Roses.

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The rose bushes are right next to the yews and the rose bushes are amazingly beautiful and HUGE. The Yew needles nearest the trunk turn yellow and fall off even as new growth sprouts from the end of the branch. An odd site to see one end die and the other grow. Eventually all the needles fall off and it dies.

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The most basic approach in such a situation, if you think there is an infection or infestation, is to clip off the affected branches and discard, preferably by burning, sterilizing your pruner before each new cut.

I have some yews, and they often have little branchlets that brown up and die. I think mine is just winter damage. I just cut off the dried up shoots and throw them out.

You could probably get more specific feedback in one of the specialty forums, though.

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We're facing a similar problem of yellowing nearer trunks, new growth, but dying yews. Our 6'-15' tall specimens were fine for over 20 years, but started having problems two years ago. HELP! Let's hope someone can offer advice on what to do.

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The same thing happened to our yew. A lady at our garden center said it was a very harsh winter but that yews can come back. She said to water consistently (an inch a week at least) and water into October. It should go into the winter with 'wet feet'. It will take awhile but it can come back. Ours hasn't gotten any browner, but it doesn't look any better either.

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earthworm(6 Pennsylvania)

I'd want a consensus on the "wet feet"..
I fear overwatering....maybe this is unfounded...
I have one Arbor Vitae dieing at the top.
Its next to the Rose of Sharon...
Does proximity have anything to do with these problems ?....too close to the roses.... ??

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Carrie B(6B/7A)

Yellowing close to the trunk is, most often, a sign of too much water.

Roses like lots and lots of water (though not consistently soggy) so it would make sense, if there's lots of moisture in the soil, for the roses to be doing well and the yews (which like it more well-drained) to be suffering.

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