melampodiums as requested

gldno1July 26, 2008

I haven't grown these since 2005....have no idea why. It took a while to find the pictures....glad I did this. I liked my bed much better then than now! So, next year I will be doing the red salvias from Park, melampodium and the white vinca as edgings.

I am making a seed list now so I won't forget.

The melampodium are the short, yellow daisy-like plant in front and the white are vincas. Think the red salvia is Parks Lighthouse? It is their new, taller one.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Thanks for the picture. I like your house. I like what you like. I grow red salvias every year and I like them with pure white vinca. Sometimes I put them in pots together both can stand the heat. I pulled out most of my petunias the other day and little snapdragons that weren't blooming enough trying to revive the look in my annuals pots that were needing attention. The salvia still looks good with a few holes in the leaves. This year I have pink vinca with white in a pot, dark pink vinca almost red in a pot, and mixed pink vinca colors in the ground by a pink zinnia. I'll have to try the melampodium.

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bunny6(7 AR)

I like the melampodium they are pretty. I plan to plant them next year. Your garden is beautiful! I also grow vinca and salvias. The hummingbirds love the red ones. I like the bird bath in your garden. I have a small garden with a bird bath in it. I have to fill it twice a day for the birds, because they get the water for dirty. Thanks for sharing your photo.

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Very pretty!
I looked for white vinca this spring to put in my front flowerbed and couldn't find any so I finally settled for pink wave petunias. I should've driven out to Hilltop farms and checked for vinca there. That's where I've bought it in the past. Did you grow yours from seed? I've gotten volunteers before but they come up so late. I've never tried winter sowing them.

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gldno1, your place looks so inviting, and such lovely flowers.
The whit vinca is another one the rain drown for me this year. Oh well there is always next year.

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christie, I never, ever pay good money for annuals if I can buy the seed!

I raise the vinca inside under my grow lights. I didn't do any this year....and I could kick myself. The self-seeded ones don't bloom fast enough. I have even saved seeds from them and they came true to color.

Next year, I plan to either eliminate the tall annual salvias or move them to another bed. They got too tall and leggy. I was just lazy and let the self-seeded things stay and didn't add anything else. won't do that again.

A few of the new shorter, darker salvia Evolution self seeded and they seem pretty true to the original. I like it much better.

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