Chester County - deer & shrubs

ferncreek(z6b / 7a PA)May 30, 2006

Does anyone in the Chester County area have experience with Viburnum dentatum (arrowwood) as far as deer resistance goes? I'm looking for a large shrub that will get some shade of orange, red or burgundy fall foliage, & was hoping to plant Autumn Jazz arrowwood viburnum. Some sources list the dentatum as highly deer resistant, other places I've read they regularly get eaten. Any other recommendations for a shrub to fit all those requirements?

Also, I've encountered the same mixed reviews for Weigelas - deer don't eat them, deer do eat them. Any experience there?


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Pipersville_Carol(z6 Bucks PA)

I've got an arrowood that deer don't eat, but it's in an area the deer generally avoid.

I just planted a weigela in a high-deer-traffic zone, and so far they haven't touched it.

Would a japanese maple work for you? It's not exactly a shrub, but I've heard that deer don't eat them. And I've found lilacs to be very deer-proof, maybe some varieties have good fall color.

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Do you have anyone who hunts on your property. If not, I would be interested in speaking with you about hunting it. I live in the West Chester area. Let me know.


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Peter: You are welcome to come to my property in Lower Merion to hunt deer. My neighbors would welcome you also. I like wildlife and only plant natives, but the deer are overpopulated here.

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marquest(z5 PA)

The variegated Willow is pretty safe. They ate everything in my yard this year but they did not touch the willow.

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I would be interested in hunting on your property. What's the best way to contact you for details? If you click on My Page you can email me directly.

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The darn deer around here are eating all my fruit on my 10 tree orchard they walk right in the driveway.Last year ate peaches,pear,pear was loadedate all

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Definitely need more hunters...and less restrictions on them as far as which sex can be killed or not, & longer season. They have to have a predator... the population and bleeding hearts about killing them is getting ridiculous.

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Poor deer! They have nowhere to run around because all the trees were cut down in my area.

They pass through my home at night, and some cross the roads getting killed. Hopefully, they are crossing the street while noone is driving way above speed limit.

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Yeah, it would be better to shoot them and end it, rather than having them suffer from a car hit, if it doesn't kill them instantly. Hunters have the responsibility to shoot to kill. Right thing to do.

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Unless it's several Bambi trailing behind mommy. Cars usually let them cross the road, unless someone isn't paying attention.

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