Heavy Hitter okra

slowpoke_gardenerMay 23, 2014

Is it planted thick enough?

A very kind Forum Member sent me some seed last year. I planted them and like them very well. I saved some pods in a plastic bag and left them on the back porch all winter. Not knowing if they would germinate, I just scratched out a groove in the garden one night and walked down the row shelling the pods. I then drug a rake over the groove and waited to see if any seeds would sprout. As you can see, I got them a little thick.

I know that it is a little late for planting okra, but if anyone wants any of these seed, just let me know. I have way too many.


P.S. yours may look a little straighter if you don't plant them in the dark.

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Mine looks similar, although shorter rows. It's not too late. I've planted it in July before here in Phoenix.

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Yours look a lot better than mine. I'm wishing I planted thicker...and later. Mine has suffered from cold soil, I think.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

I just planted my seed in the back garden. Like Tracy, I've planted at mid-summer before too. It sprouts and grows so fast that it still has time to produce from a mid-summer sowing. I do have some volunteers in the front garden that came up a couple of weeks ago, but I may not leave them where they are because they're not in a good place.

And, who cares if the rows aren't straight? You're not being graded on the straightness of your okra rows.

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Larry, I like your rows! They have character :) Glad you brought this up too, I'm planting a few seeds this weekend. Thought it was probably too late, but wanted to give it a shot anyway. Good to know its technically not too too late. I would like to know what variety everyone grows? Is the Clemson spineless the most commonly grown variety?

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

I don't know that Clemson spineless is the most commonly grown. It might be, but that likely would be because it is the variety most commonly seen on seed racks.

I don't necessarily think that the variety matters all that much. Okra loves heat and we have plenty of heat, so every variety I've ever planted has done well for me. I like the green velvet types. The green velvet type I planted this year is from Willhite Seed and is called Emerald. I like the velvet types because their pods are smooth, not ridged, and they don't get woody as quickly as Clemson Spineless does. I always plant several different kinds of okra just for variety. I feel like I don't plant only one pepper variety or one tomato variety, so why plant only one okra? The others I planted this year are Cowhorn, Baby Bubba and Beck's Big Buck. Cowhorn okra stays tender a long time before the pods turn woody, Baby Bubba is a dwarf that produces heavily on plants that top out around 3-4', and Beck's Big Buck produces pods with a huge diameter.

It's not too late to plant pretty much any warm or hot-season crop. I plant something new almost every week, sowing succession crops to fill in spots left by the harvest of cool-season crops. In mid-June you can start planting fall crops.

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My name is Ron Cook. I am an organic farmer in Northeastern Oklahoma, where we still work our garden with an old mule named Earl. I am the man who developed Heavy Hitter okra over the past few decades. The seed for this new strain has become so popular that it has become a chore to keep up with it. (Look it up on the green country seed savers website) there is an article there with several photos scattered throughout the first 4 pages of replies.

If you need any seed send me an email to fourteenmilecreek@yahoo.com

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Ron will be sharing at our upcoming meeting (Sunday, January 11). I will put a link at the bottom.

Larry, my rows ALWAYS look like that! Ask Dorothy!


Here is a link that might be useful: Green Country Seed Savers: Jan 2015 meeting

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