No bees or butterflies this year!

leslybgood(z5 PA)May 27, 2012

I live in the eastern suburbs outside Pittsburgh and have several large flower gardens. Normally, the lavender and roses are COVERED with bumble bees, honey bees and butterflies. This year, however, there is absolutely nothing. Anyone else having this problem? I do not use pesticides and have gardening neighbors to the left and right that are both organic gardeners as well. They, too, have no bees.

It's apocalyptically freakish and sad. My garden is normally brimming with activity this time of year :(

Also--the local news did a segment about seeing record numbers of bees in the city (Pittsburgh) due to the mild winter. Why then, are they missing from their usual favorite place?

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demeron(Zone 6)

I am outside Harrisburg. I have a lot of bumbles and sweat bees, but have only seen a couple of bumbles. I am light on butterflies but I keep thinking it's early for them? Anybody else?

I've read the recent activities by Monsanto (seed coatings, Roundup tolerant corn) have been deathly for bees and butterflies.

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peaches20(6 PA)

I too live in the east suburbs and have seen a couple of really big bumble bees. I have only seen one swallowtail butterfly. Hopefully more will come.


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York County here. Butterflies are few, but it is only early June I keep telling myself. My Pipevine butterflies are early, saw 2 yesterday. I knew they were around, we played with the caterpillars the first weekend of June. Bees are in normal abundance for the last few years. Nothing like they were 20 years ago.

I only have one hummingbird this year, though. Usually a mob, and none came up through in April when some of my plants are put outside because the hummers love the bloom (citrus from the g-house).

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Connie K

Lancaster County - I've seen several bumble bees, but I don't know how that compares to other years. No butterflies.

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I haven't seen many butterflies around my house in the eastern suburbs. Just the small white ones. None of the swallowtails or others, though I saw a couple at Bealls Nursery this morning. Not to many rumblebees as my husband calls the large bumble bees either though we saw a lot of fireflies last night. We've had several nests of wasps around our house we keep having to get rid of too since they're right by the grill or front door and we don't need our cat getting stung again. That was a mess!

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Oh and I've never had hummingbirds at my house despite putting out feeders for them.

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