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gldno1July 14, 2012

I found these lovelies on the tomatoes back in the orchard garden....then I saw they were on almost all foliage both on the ground and up some tree trunks on the fruit trees.

I have never seen this many before but I think I have seen a few in the garden....probably due to our mild winter.

I just sprayed the huge bunch on the grass clump and the tomato row.

I think the are Striped Blister Beetles. I found info on the website put out by Florida U. Not a good thing to have around.

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Oh no! Look how many! I have blister beetles eating my hostas but not the same kind. Mine are just solid grayish. I haven't seen striped ones like that. Gardening has way too many enemies. It's discouraging.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I have had those. I sprayed with Sevin and they left, but then they would appear somewhere else. They ate leaves off my Cherokee Purple on one side; the tomatoes then sun burnt. Another time they were on grass and I mowed over them. I went in to get my sprayer and when I came back they had flown away. The behavior is not like the gray ones. Before you know it they can have something completely eaten up.

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