jspeachyn5July 27, 2008

Well I'm going to give you my theory and then you can let me know what you think and would do.

I had said how almost all of my flowers have had a really slow start or seem to be way too small. My sunflowers are really tall but tiny little heads. Impatiants are not even 6" high. The 4'oclocks that reseeded are about 14". the new ones I put out are 20". No one marigold or zennia plant made it. Both of the morning glory are tall and full of big leaves but not one bloom. My hosta has been way too small this year, last year covered the whole beds they are in. Cosmos tall no blooms, same with foxglove and daisies. Not one bloom an any of my glads or lilies. The elephant ears are way bigger than normal.

Ok I am wondering if all the "good" from compost and blood meal and all the other amendments I put in last fall and spring "same as always", leached out of my raised beds.

Because all the rain we had I had to go pull all the mulch off the beds and store it in the garage until it dried up some in June. I couldn't even mow the bottom 1/3 of my yard until the end of June because of the standing water and mud.

I have been giving them plant food and watering now that it is so dry.

What do you think?

Sorry about this being so long.


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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I have been wondering why all your plants have done terrible. The rain actually helped my yard except for the weeds which grew faster than usual. My daylilies were wonderful this year, but I have excellent drainage. Parts of my yard are like creek gravel until I haul in leaves, grass clippings, top soil, rotted hay etc. When you don't have good drainage, the roots rot. All the rain should have been bad for things like zinnias, but some things should have loved it unless you have poor drainage. I am just guessing.

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It's not drainage. Because all my beds are raised. When it's hot like now I have to deep water them every 4 days. the only things I have that aren't in raided beds are sunflowers and 4'oclocks.
I just got a lot of rain. and now when everyone is getting a shower It keeps missing me. But finally got a good slow shower last night.
I don't know.

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What kind of soil did you build the raised beds with?

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This is the 5th year they have been there. I had compost and then I hauled in manure and black dirt and sand and all my amendments. all of that sat the first fall through spring before I ever planted in it. this year I did the same w/adding all my amendments and compost and leaves. That sat over the winter.
The only other thing besides leaching out with too much rain, would be maybe I had a night that was too cold for all of this and I just don't recall it.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I bought some organic fish fertilizer that I thought would be great. I sprinkled it around and later something was wrong with the leaves of some of my plants. I haven't used it since. Maybe your ammendments got out of balance. Plants are later this year because of the cool spring.

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sweetwm007(6 b)

my SWAG on this is too much nitrogen.


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william, I will have to look that up. I thought too much nitrogen would make all green and no bloom? I will look tomorrow. Thanks.
Another thought, would the fact that I had a new roof matter? Had it replaced in Oct. and was wondering if the run off from that being new and the chemicals? I know I'm grasping at straws.

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Boy, that's one for the books; sounds like those beds should have been good for years without any additions of anything.

I can't think leaching is it. Has some spray set them all back, herbicides? I used Neem oil for the first time, every single leaf dropped from the roses....I think it was the neem.

You may have to have the soil tested. That would sure clear it up for you. Then you would be set for next year.

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Yes I think I will get the soil tested.

william, from whit I read last p.m. I should have a lot of green and no blooms. I don't have a lot of green. In some cases the plants are very short and not filled out.

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