Varmint in the Garden

gldno1July 26, 2009

Something is eating the ripe tomatoes, up about 24 inches from the ground so not the banty or terrapin; top out of small pumpkin; tops out of cabbage heads.

This is a new thing for me.

What do you think: raccoon, ground hog, or what?

I am leaning to ground hog.

I am getting seriously worried here. My sweet corn is almost ready.


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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Ground hog is my guess. Make some mud and see if you can find tracks.

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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

If you remember, last year, mine was a "possum"-and not just one--9 of them were trapped-and only one racoon.
My resident groundhog never bothers my garden.

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Hope you can figure out what's going on Glenda. Sounds like you lost quite a bit in a short time.
We've been seeing a groundhog go under our shed lately. I've seen them around before though and haven't had anything disappear. (yet)

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They took the tomatoes out of the trap but escaped.

I found this damage this morning:

I just found out that groundhogs hit in the wee hours of the morning....I plan to go out tomorrow with the 22 and see what I can find.

I scared up two rabbits this morning when I checked around 6:30.

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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

The "possum's left a large V shaped bite in my tomatoes, that matched their mouth. Have you oiled the trap hinges where it trips easy? I had to do that, too.
This dosent look like the bites from my main varmints. and I dont know what a ground hog bite looks like-but this is a gnawing tipe bite, looks to me like.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Where is digger dog? He might actually be of some help.

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Hope you catch what ever it is before too much damage.

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Digger dog is of no help unless something runs across his feet! Bless his heart, he is just trouble. He has a chronic itching, scratching problem. I have spent lots of time researching on the internet and he is currently getting sunflower seed oil, a country egg and just got chia seed yesterday and will get that all as top dressing on his normal food.
Enough said about the dog!

I told DH my next one would be a hunting-type dog that would actually keep the blasted rabbits, squirrels, and unknow beasties from the garden!

Report: Last night I dusted the tomatoes, perimeter of the corn patch and whatever melons I could find in the jungle with Sevin (had no duster, so emptied my large jar of chili power into a baggie and used that). Set the well oiled trap with yet another half eaten ripe tomato.

This morning both of us crept out with gun in hand....found nothing! At least the trap still had the tomato in it. I walked all over the garden and didn't even scare up a rabbit.

Found lots of butternut squash, pie pumpkins, Montreal melons and Moon and Stars so was happy with that. Still no New England cheese squash that I can see.

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I just planted some new lilies a few weeks ago and they already have buds on them. There is a mole or something tunneling under them and now I have two with the buds drooping so they probably won't flower. The deer ate the tops out of several more of them so needless to say I feel your pain. We had tomato worms but my DH is good about getting them off. I have trouble seeing them. Our tomatoes are cracking but otherwise they are good. Any ideas why they would crack around the top and some even down the sides?

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

Some tomatoes do that - a characteristic of the variety. They all will crack after rain. I have to plant lilies in big pots - voles eat them. There is also a borer that gets them. Look for a little hole on the stem and "saw dust" like stuff. If the borer gets them; they are going toward the roots. The borer that gets other plants just gets the stem; these are worse than the striped ones in the stems. A Bt product would probably work if I would spray in time. I always forget until my big lily stem breaks in the wind and I find it is hollow.

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