Lost a Dogwood I think

christie_sw_mo(Z6)July 9, 2013

I noticed a couple weeks ago that some leaves were starting to brown on a little dogwood in my front yard but now all the leaves are brown and crispy. There are some little holes in the trunk so I suspect borers. It's about six or seven feet and was well established. I planted it several years ago when it was just a seedling. I'd like to think there's a chance that it would bounce back but it certainly doesn't look like it right now. I love dogwoods and have two others but still disappointed. : (

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I know that is disappointing, Christie. I had a pink dogwood that had a good start that I lost last year; at least the top died and it sprouted from the bottom. I have lost interest in it and kind of given up expecting anything from it. I think dogwoods are pretty but maybe not worth the effort. If I were to plant another, I think I would try Kousa.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kousa dogwood

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I love pink dogwoods. My grandmother had one in her front yard. I've been told those are harder to keep alive than the white ones so I've not been willing to buy one.
I have five Kousa Dogwoods tucked into my shrub row that I started from seed several years ago but they don't have a good shape. The '07 ice storm messed them up and I tried to do some pruning but they're still bushy looking. I never intended to keep all five but they're way to big to move now.
The fruit is edible and tasty, sort of like a peach, but they're small so it's hardly worth the effort by the time you remove the seeds and bumpy peel on the outside. Not sure it would work to put a whole bunch in a juicer since the fruit has a thick texture but I'd like to try it sometime. They didn't flower well this year for some reason so there won't be much fruit.

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I have lost both my dogwoods....I think I will try the Kousa. My Iowa sis planted one and she loves it. I think drought got both mine but maybe borers; I didn't check them for that.

Christie, my crepe myrtles are a very nice size now but still no blooms. I want to cut to the ground the huge (10-15"0 mass of half dead forsythia away from the south of the bushes. It will have to wait until fall for that job. I think they need more sunlight.

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Still a little early for crape myrtle to be blooming but they definitely do like a lot of sun. I'm waiting for a few potted seedlings to bloom so I can see what color they are.

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sunnyside1(z6/SW Mo.)

I lost a dogwood this spring, too, Christie -- sorry you did.


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